Hogwarts Legacy Solved by the Bell - Musical Map location and solution

Hogwarts Legacy Bells

Hogwarts Legacy Bells

Hogwarts Legacy has finally arrived and has smashed records thanks to fantastic gameplay and a thrilling open world to explore. Choosing your house is just the beginning, as you'll learn awesome spells, go on magical adventures, and much more in this new RPG.

There are plenty of easter eggs to satisfy die-hard fans of the Wizarding World, but one in a side quest has only recently been discovered. Here's everything you need to know about the Solved by the Bell quest and how to complete it.

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Hogwarts Legacy Musical Map Location

To begin the "Solved by the Bell" side quest, players will first need to uncover the Musical Map, which can be found hidden in Henrietta's Hideaway. The best way to uncover this is the Rescuing Rococo side quest, found by speaking with a vendor named Agness Coffey in Bainburgh.

Hogwarts Legacy Musical Map
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There will be dark wizards and puzzles to contend with in the dungeon, eventually coming to a large chamber, where, after defeating all of the enemies, they'll be able to find a secret passageway in the wall on the right (it opens when players stand in front of it), where you'll find the Musical Map.

How to complete Solved by the Bell side quest

Once you have the Musical Map, make your way over to Clagmar Castle, east of Manor Cape. Once there, they'll need to clear out all of the enemies and then look for a tower with nine bells. Hit the bells in this order to complete the quest and unlock the easter egg:

  1. The bell on the bottom right
  2. The third bell down on the left
  3. The second bell down on the left
  4. The second bell down on the right
  5. The third bell down on the left
  6. The top bell on the left
  7. The top bell on the right
  8. The second bell down on the right

After you have hit the bells in the correct order, you'll hear a familiar melody and a special treasure chest will spawn to your left.

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