Gotham Knights Release Date finally revealed!

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Despite rumours of a delay, Gotham Knights has had its release date confirmed today and it will be released in 2022!

Earlier this year, Time Warner CEO Jason Kilar came out to quell fears that Hogwarts Legacy and Gotham Knights were at risk of a delay into 2023. He stated that both games were still an important part of 2022's plans and we now have confirmation that Knights will be released on Tuesday, 25 October.

It's no surprise to see Gotham Knights line itself up as a Q4 title, especially with this year's final few months currently looking a lot quieter than in 2021. The Twitter account has been very quiet since late last year but we can expect PR and marketing around the game to start ramping up at release is just over 7 months away.

A playtest file for Gotham Knights popped up on Steam over the weekend and was caught by multiple outlets - including us - before it mysteriously disappeared. It's possible that this leak brought forward this release date reveal but at the same time, it could be a complete coincidence.

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We're still waiting on further confirmation that Hogwarts Legacy will launch this year too and that news is rumoured to be coming at the Sony State of Play event. Even if it is missing from the show, Jason Kilar has proven to be a man of his word so far meaning there is no reason to cast doubt on Legacy's release date just yet.

Gotham Knights will now be the only big DC-themed game releasing this year following the delay of Rocksteady's Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. Even though this decision was made earlier this year, it's nice to know the two games won't be competing for a spot in our backlogs and will have time to breathe.

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