New Gotham Knights Trailer has been revealed

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Gotham Knights has been on everyone's radar for a while but very little has been shown of the game. Recently, we were treated to a brand new trailer at the DC Fandome event.

Here's everything we know following DC Fandome and what we're expecting from WB Games and Gotham Knights.

LATEST - New Trailer Revealed

We finally got a new extended look at Gotham Knights during DC Fandome but are still without a release date beyond 2022. The story will be taking us through one of the more popular story arcs in recent years, The Court of Owls.

We also learned that Elias Toufexis will be taking on the role of The Penguin. We hope to learn more about the game in early 2022 and finally get some information on the elusive release date!

What are we expecting to see from Gotham Knights?

Gotham Knights' release was pushed back until 2022 a couple of months ago now, but we haven't really seen much from it since. We don't know how far along with development really is, although the reveal showcased us some promising-looking gameplay. The main thing we want to see during DC Fandome in relation to Gotham Knights is a release date.

In addition to this, we'd like to see more about the narrative and where it fits in with the Arkham series. WB Games has made it clear that this is a completely separate story from the Arkham series, but that doesn't mean it has to be completely disconnected from the narrative established. A lot of the character designs look familiar, so we don't know why it wouldn't be connected in some way...

There's a lot more we'd like to learn about Gotham Knights - for example, seeing in more detail how each playable hero differs from one another - but we don't even have a solid release date yet! WB Games has a few other games in the works, so Gotham Knights might not even show up, but we're hopeful.

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