GOALS: INCREDIBLE Player Creation Process Revealed

GOALS is a brand new, free-to-play football game coming in 2022 that will look to challenge the dominance of FIFA and eFootball.

News has been thin on the ground ahead of the game, but now a BIG announcement has arrived as the player creation process has been revealed.

Check below for everything you need to know about the unique player creation process set to be implemented in the brand new game.

In The DNA

The GOALS team have revealed some brand new information regarding play creation in the new game, with the incredible G-Lab announced.

The G-Lab is the Research & Development facility of GOALS, using cutting-edge technology to generate and develop players and other football-related assets.

The G-Lab is also the place where the brand new 'DNA' system was developed, with the developers hoping to create the perfect balance of players within GOALS.

Challenging the formulaic nature of Ultimate Team's recent struggles, the GOALS team are attempting to break down the meta and create a fresh, balanced approach to football gaming that will keep players coming back for more.

What is the DNA System?

Don't fear, this isn't a science lesson. Instead, it's a way in which the game developers will diversify and define the players featured in GOALS.

Every player being generated in GOALS receives six performance genes, which will determine the initial stats of a player.

All players enter the game at the age of 18.

The gene system focuses on individualised stats, using a tiered system as we see in FIFA.

The aim of this brand new system is to create a more diverse player experience, with the pace-based system of FIFA acting as the perfect point of comparison.

Players in GOALS will also look different from one another, with no duplicated, generic faces on show.

All of this serves to point out that GOALS mean business, and their attention to the fine details could see them become a genuine challenger to FIFA's crown.

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