GOALS Game Design Reveal: In-game assets can be sold for REAL MONEY

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GOALS is a brand new, free-to-play football game coming this year that will look to challenge the dominance of FIFA and eFootball.

News has been thin on the ground ahead of the game, but now a BIG announcement has arrived as the full game design has been revealed.

The official Twitter account revealed the news, and there is plenty to get stuck in to.

What is GOALS?

The first announcement trailer dropped on the official GOALS YouTube channel on Tuesday, 14 December last year.

Unfortunately, the trailer did not offer any insight into the gameplay whatsoever.

However, a new gameplay reveal trailer is expected to drop in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for that!

The announcement trailer stresses that the game is “esports ready,” so we look forward to seeing what this really means in the coming weeks.

Game Design

GOALS has released an extensive game design, outlining the plans for the new game and giving us an insight into what to expect this season.

We already knew the game would be free-to-play, but now we know much, much more!

Features like crossplay have been confirmed, and in-game assets can have a real-world monetary value.

There is so much information newly released, so let's dive right in.


One key aspect of GOALS is to enhance the competitive gameplay available in football games.

Traditional football games have failed to provide smooth and latency-free gameplay suitable for competitive play, and users have put thousands of hours into these games grinding for assets with no real value.
We do not believe that exhaustive gameplay and centralized ownership of assets should be the heading direction for future football games.

GOALS aims for "flawless" gameplay and to "attract players who want a good gameplay experience", so we have high hopes for the game itself!

Own your assets

This is exciting. Imagine actually owning your Ultimate Team assets in FIFA? Well, you won't have to imagine it in GOALS.

Through the play-and-own model, all users will be the rightful owners of their assets, which are earned for free through gameplay.
By introducing digital ownership in GOALS, users will at all times be able to sell their assets in an open marketplace for real-life money if desired.

Yes, the game is free-to-play, but GOALS has to make money and will do so in royalties.


Something many fans will be eager to see is the gameplay itself.

GOALS will be a fast-paced game that stays true to the sport of football.
We believe that this is the best way to achieve a large skill gap in a football game while keeping it fun for anybody to pick up and play.
Nevertheless, fully realistic football games come with their challenges, such as poor input responsiveness due to advanced realistic animations.
We are creating a proper football game, but where there is a need, the gameplay experience will be prioritized over realism.

A large skill gap is something competitive esports players and fans will love to see, so this could overtake the current football titles in the competitive gaming sphere.

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