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GOALS is a brand new free-to-play football game coming soon looking to compete with both FIFA and eFootball.

The game is still shrouded in mystery, but pre-alpha patch notes are now available.

Hoping to enhance the football gaming sphere, GOALS is an ambitious new title similar to that of UFL, that is hoping to bring a sense of balance to players.

Discover all there is to know about the latest footballing game, which is looking to transform the market.

LATEST - Pre-Alpha Patch Notes

A release is beginning to edge closer by the looks of things after GOALS released their pre-alpha patch notes online.

There is plenty to get your head round, but without laying the game yet ourselves we can offer little insight as to what to expect.

Cinematic Trailer

GOALS is one of the new kids on the block in terms of football video games, and they have already released an epic cinematic trailer.

With an original structure and unique game system, GOALS could upset the apple cart and change the way we play football games forever.

While the cinematic trailer gives nothing away in terms of gameplay footage, we already know that something different is coming soon, and we can't wait!

Announcement Trailer

The first announcement trailer dropped on the official GOALS YouTube channel on 14 December 2021.

Watch the official announcement trailer below:

Unfortunately, this trailer doesn't offer any insight into the gameplay whatsoever.

However, we expect a new gameplay reveal trailer to drop within the next few months, so stay tuned for that!

The announcement trailer stresses that the game is “esports ready,” so we look forward to seeing what this really means in the coming weeks.

GOALS Release Date

GOALS is currently in pre-alpha stage, with the game having only been announced on 22 July, 2021.

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NEW PLAYER - GOALS is coming soon

There’s no confirmed release date as of yet, but a release window has been confirmed, with the full launch hoping to be coming within "the next two years"

We now know that the game will likely be competing with the second instalment in the EA Sports FC franchise, a game about which we currently know very little.


Crossplay will be a big feature for GOALS, with the game able to be played on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

We think it's pretty safe to say that GOALS will be made available on both previous Gen and Next Gen consoles.


One of the title’s most highly anticipated features is this idea of “free to play”.

eFootball has recently made the switch to become a free-to-play game, but still includes plenty of opportunities for micro-transactions.

So, the idea of a football sim being completely free to play is something most gamers will be overjoyed at.

What to Expect

GOALS will feature a market similar to that found in FIFA Ultimate Team, with the difference being that all items will totally belong to the player.

The game’s official website states the following:

“Every asset will be fully owned by the player and can be traded freely on an open marketplace. The choice will be easy when comparing GOALS to other football games: experience better gameplay and get rewarded for your time. Play-AND-earn.”

It isn’t just in the game’s free-to-play model that is set to challenge FIFA and eFootball, Goals is also looking to take over the competitive scene.

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