Ghostwire Tokyo COUNTDOWN: Release date, time, and what to expect

Ghostwire Tokyo image

Ghostwire Tokyo image

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Ghostwire Tokyo is finally expected to come to the Xbox and finally has an official release date too. Since its release in 2022 on PC and PS5, Xbox users have been begging for this hit game to come to the platform.

And, it's finally happening! Players will be able to finally hunt down the man in the Hannya mask as Akito on their Xbox. But, don't let your possessed right-hand fool you, Akito still has all the willpower in the world... for revenge.

With a release date coming up soon, here is a countdown along with all the information you need so you don't miss out!

Ghostwire Tokyo COUNTDOWN

So far, there has not yet been any official release time announced by Tango Gameworks or Bethesda Software either.

However, usually, when no specific time is mentioned, the game will usually release at midnight.

Ghostwire Tokyo Xbox Release COUNTDOWN

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This would be the same in most regions.

But, this has not yet been officially confirmed and is just speculation, so take this information with a pinch of salt.

Ghostwire Tokyo Release Date

So, just over a year after Ghostwire Tokyo was released on the PS5 and PC, the game will finally be coming to Xbox!

April 12 2023 is the date that players should be looking out for the release of the game on Xbox.

The Spider’s Thread free update will also be released at the same time, giving players more content right at the start.

However, it's worth noting that the game will not be released on the Xbox One, only the Series X/S and Xbox Games Pass.

Is Ghostwire Tokyo Free?

Ghostwire Tokyo is not a free game to play on the Xbox platform.

So, if players want to explore Tokyo then it'll come with a price of £59.99.

However, with big game designers such as Bethesda Software, and Tango Gameworks, it'll be a great way to spend your free time.

Pre-order Bonuses

Pre-ordering the game from the Xbox official store will also reward players when they first load up the game.

Ghostwire Tokyo pre-order bonus
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Players who do this will get the Hannya Outfit for Akito so he can be friendly with his enemy and understand his motives more.

Pre-orders can be purchased from the official Xbox store and the free content will instantly be added when the game is downloaded to your Xbox system.

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What is Ghostwire Tokyo?

Play as Akito in an overrun Tokyo which is infested with supernatural souls and spirits.

Akito's hand has seemingly been possessed by a man with a Hannyo mask and players must unravel the mystery as to why this has happened to him.

But, with a great possessed hand comes great responsibility. And Akito must master the skills he has been given to help find the truth.

Players can explore the highs and lows of Tokyo from the scrawling streets to the ancient temples in search for the Hannya mask man.

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