Dead Island 2 Slayers - meet the new zombie hunters

Dead Island 2 will soon be released with new content, new zombies, new ways to play, and new slayers.

The game has struggled during its final stages of development with developer changes frequently.

But, after nearly a decade of waiting for the fans, the game is finished and waiting for its release date soon.

Also sitting in the waiting zone are the new slayers, people controlled by the player to do all the dirty work.

Each slayer has their own history, abilities, and ways to play which differ for each slayer.

So, let's meet the slayers, and see how they play and what makes them tick in Dead Island 2.

Meet your Dead Island 2 Slayers

Here are the Dead Island 2 slayers in all their glory!

Amy in Dead Island 2

Full of energy and speed, this paralympian is perfect for those who like the speed and agility of an athlete.

Her skills include...

  • Relief Pitcher - Amy regenerates stamina from hit weapon throws.
  • Divide & Conquer - Boosts damage against alone zombies.

Slayer Bruno

Charismatic Bruno used to use his wit to outdo scammers and con artists.

However, now this energy is focused on slashing zombies in more of a stealthy way. Brain power is still useful in this environment.

His abilities are...

  • Backstab - Boosts his damage when attacking from behind.
  • Rapid Reprisal - Boosts his agility and heavy hits after a successful block or dodge.


This adrenaline junkie has moved on from a motorcycle stunt rider to a daring and strong-willed slayer.

Her abilities include...

  • Dig Deep - Boosts her toughness stats when her health is very low.
  • Mosh Pit - Boosts her damage when she is close to multiple zombies.

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Meet the Slayer Dani

As a roller derby player, Dani is a confident and oftentimes rude slayer who comes from Ireland.

Her abilities include...

  • Bloodlust - Regains health after killing zombies in quick succession.
  • Thunderstruck - AOE attack that creates an explosive heavy hit.


Once a high flyer, Jacob transferred from his office job to make his way as a stuntman.

Little did he know that this job change will help him survive in the apocalypse.

Here is what Jacob can do...

  • Feral - Damage boosts are stackable for successful attacks one after the other.
  • Critical Gains - Gives him a moderate boost to crit damage when his health is low.

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Ryan in Dead Island 2

Although this guy looks like a firefighter, it's purely fancy dress as an ex-exotic dancer from Fresno.

But, that modded axe will definitely be useful here.

Here is what Ryan can do...

  • Retaliation - His force is boosted after a successful dodge or block
  • Seesaw - Ryan regains health after knocking down a zombie.

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