How to Play Co-Op With Friends in Far Cry 6

Just as has been the case in the other recent games in the series, co-op is a big part of Far Cry 6. If you want to jump into the action with a mate, here's a guide on how to play co-op with friends in Far Cry 6.

First things first, the ability to play co-op in Far Cry 6 isn't unlocked right from the start. You need to complete the Du or Die mission on Isla Santuario, which is the game's introductory island. So if you or a friend have picked the game up to play together over the Christmas period, be sure to both progress this far first!

It's the second or third mission in the game, so you don't have long to wait until you can play co-op with friends. From that point on, the whole campaign in Far Cry 6 is playable in co-op.

How to Play Co-Op With Friends in Far Cry 6

To start setting up a co-op session, pause the game and select the icon of two people in the top right by your profile icon.

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From there, you'll be given the option to choose between Play With a Friend, Search for a Partner, or Be a Partner, depending on what co-op experience you'd like.

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How to Invite Friends

If you're looking to play Far Cry 6's co-op with a friend, select Play With a Friend to bring up friends list.

Then, from your list of friends on your platform, select who you want to play with and shoot off an invite to them.

Once they've accepted the invite, they'll join your game and you can head out on missions together.

You don't have to play with the same person all the time. You can switch out who you're playing with whenever you'd like, but the person who's story you want to progress will need to initiate the co-op session.

It's also worth noting that you can toggle friendly fire on and off via the Gameplay menu in System. It will likely be easier to have it set to off, though.

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