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Far Cry 6 is here after months of delays and years of teases.

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Far Cry 6 is finally ready for you to explore.

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New Details Revealed During Live Stream

In the recent reveal stream, we got to finally see the official trailer for the game, a look at the main protagonist, and also a release date for Far Cry 6, we've got a lot to unpack.

Release Date

It has been confirmed by Ubisoft that Far Cry 6 will be released on October 7th 2021 after having originally been pushed back from a May 2021 release.

Dani Rojas

The main protagonist of the game is known as Dani Rojas, and in the trailer, we get to find out more about her character, thoughts, and mission.

While we only got to see two minutes of content, we have high hopes that Dani Rojas could become one of the best protagonists that we've seen in the series.


The live stream finally provided fans with the long-awaited reveal trailer, which shows mainly cutscene style footage, but does help develop the characters in the game more than we've seen previously.

Check out the full reveal trailer below.

Where Can You Watch The Stream?

This is the second most important thing. Where can you actually watch the Far Cry 6 (A Ubisoft Original) gameplay reveal stream?

As you might imagine, there's only one real place to catch the latest from Ubisoft's new stream... Ubisoft's YouTube. To save you the trouble, we've embedded the YouTube video of the stream below:

It features a countdown timer, so it should help you gauge how much time is left. You might also be able to find it on Ubisoft's Twitch account if that's more your speed.

What Are We Expecting?

We don't mean to point out the obvious, but we're expecting to see some new Far Cry 6 (A Ubisoft Original) gameplay. At the moment, though, we don't know what this really means.

In an effort to not give too much away, we could see one of two things from Ubisoft later today.

Firstly, we could see some sort of "introduction" mission from the early stages of the game. We already know that Far Cry 6 (A Ubisoft Original) is based on a people's struggle against a dictator. So, we could see some early call to arms against the Yaran dictatorship and a small outburst of action.

Far Cry 6 Gameplay Stream Countdown
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TIME TO BRING THE BIG GUNS - Yara isn't going to save itself, right?

Alternatively, we could see something a bit more "random encounter" based. The Far Cry series is one known for its explosive encounters and we can imagine that Far Cry 6 (A Ubisoft Original) is only going to take this to the next level. A "random encounter" gameplay segment would be a better way for Ubisoft to showcase what the new Far Cry game has to offer without spoiling too much of the story.

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