Far Cry 6: How to Feed Pelicans & Where to Find Them

As you'd expect from a Far Cry game, there are animals of all species spread all across Far Cry 6's map. At one point in the story, you'll be asked to feed some pelicans, but it's not very easy. If you're struggling to complete this objective in the Shock Therapy mission, here's a quick guide on how to feed pelicans and where to find them in Far Cry 6.

Latest - All Pelican Locations in Far Cry 6

To help you out, we also have this interactive Far Cry 6 map below, which shows where all the pelicans locations are in the game.

Interestingly, there's only two places you can go.

Below is a more in-depth reading of the map but, if you're looking for something a little more interactive, this one has you covered.

While Pelicans can be found in two places around Yara, there is one location we'd recommend going to to find them.

If you head to the far east coast of the map, in the La Joya section of it, you'll find a pelicans hunting spot by the sea in the location in the screenshot below.

far cry 6, pelicans
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There will be a few flying over head, some wandering about on the floor, and you'll be able to hear their distinctive calls. If you want to hunt them just shoot them out of the sky.

How to Feed Pelicans in Far Cry 6

Now for the trickier part, actually feeding the pelicans you find. You'll need to wait for one to land, then crouch and slowly make your way towards them.

You can't run towards them or they'll fly away. If you're struggling to find one too, keep an eye out for the strange noise they make and follow. Sometimes they hide around the bushes.

Once you're near enough to a pelican to feed it, a prompt will appear on the screen and a short cinematic will play, with you putting a fish in the bird's mouth.

far cry 6, pelicans
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If you need to do it a few times, just keep looking around that area for another pelican. There will always be a few for you to feed, and this works for any pelican hunting spot in Far Cry 6.

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