Take a closer look at Giancarlo Esposito in Far Cry 6

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Ubisoft announced Far Cry 6 a few years ago after the somewhat mediocre Far Cry New Dawn. Now, with the island of Yara, they aim to fix this.

The release date as been confirmed is now here. Get in there for yourself.

Latest - Far Cry 6 out now

After months of delays, Far Cry 6 is finally out worldwide.

Get out there and explore Yara for yourself.

Meet Giancarlo Espostio as Anton Castillo

Season Pass Trailer

Release Date Announced

In a recent gameplay stream, the team behind Far Cry gave us plenty of updates for the latest game and a new release date.

The game will finally release on October 7th this year, mere months away from right now. Expect more updates as we get closer to release.


Officially announced last July, the Far Cry 6 trailer shows the relationship between Antón, a dictator, and his son Diego.

It shows Diego being taught how to use a grenade, through a trial that could potentially kill him. This trial shows that the dictator has a methodology behind what he thinks and introduces us to what Far Cry fans really care about, the baddies.


As the game was announced before the release of PS5 and Xbox series X, the platforms weren't given. Luckily, the site gives us all the information we need to know.

In the preorder section, it mentions what comes with each edition of the game and also gives you the choice of your platform. You can pick the game up on PC, Xbox One and PS4. As well as this, a free next-gen upgrade comes with your purchase confirming it on PS5 and Series X

Release Date

The release date for Far Cry 6 has been a bit rocky over the last year. Originally scheduled for release on February 18th this year, it has been pushed back to October 7th

There have been plenty of small leaks here and there but none of it is concrete. This date is scheduled now but it could always get pushed back if it needs to.

Gameplay Reveal

In anticipation for the game, we saw a worldwide gameplay reveal on May 28th at 9:30 am PDT / 5:30 pm BST.

In this, we saw some exploration of the world alongside new mechanics and part of the new story to take over Yara.

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