Far Cry 6: How to Get Chorizo as an Amigo

Far Cry 6 was released to a great deal of fanfare despite not necessarily revolutionising its formula and mechanics.

While the game might seem dark and serious at first, it's not lost the weirdness that's made the franchise stand out over the years. In this latest game in the series, you can even recruit a sausage dog called Chorizo to be your 'amigo'. Here's how to get Chorizo as an Amigo in Far Cry 6 so that he can follow you arrow being cute and causing havoc.

Amigos in Far Cry 6

You'll be introduced to Guapo early on in the game, who is a t-shirt wearing Crocodile. Like the hired fighters in Far Cry 5, you can command an animal to follow you around and attack bad guys for you.

Chorizo is one of those animals, but he's a little more sneaky than the 'in your face' Guapo.

How to Get Chorizo in Far Cry 6

Thankfully, Chorizo is something that everyone can get, but you have to wait until a certain point in Far Cry 6's story. He's not available right from the start of the game.

Keep playing the story missions until you leave the introductory island and reach the main Yara location, where you're introduced to all the key figures in the fight for supremacy there.

If you press the touch pad to look at the Amigos tab, you'll see that Chorizo is locked and that it has the message "Pet Chorizo at the Montero Farm in Mogote Foothills."

You'll be led to this exact location as part of the story, so complete the Meet the Monteros mission, which is the first on the main island, and then head to the farm where Chorizo is.

You'll find him on the ground just by the entrance and you can press triangle/Y to pet him. However, he won't be available as an Amigo right away. You'll have to complete two small quests for him first. They are:

  • Who's a Good Boy
  • Fetch Quest
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Interact with the letter on the notice board next to him and you'll be given the quest to find Chorizo some food. He likes Croc meat, so you need to find some.

Where to Find Crocodile Meat

Crocodiles are plentiful in Far Cry 6, but you'll find some close by, in the middle of the Cortina River on the west of the island.

Head there, kill one or two and gather their meat, then head back to feed Chorizo.

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Then, you'll need to follow Chorizo around to find some of his hidden items, and he'll be your Amigo right afterwards.

How to Use Chorizo In-Game

After finding him the first time and completing his quests, he'll be with you automatically, following you around.

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If you lose him later on, you can press the touch pad if you're on PlayStation (view button on Xbox), select the Amigos tab, and then press X/A to summon him to where you are.

You can then begin causing havoc across Yara together once again.

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