Fall Guys: 7 tips & tricks to qualify - Hex-A-Gone, Fall Mountain, Tip-Toe, Egg Scramble & more

Fall Guys is one of the most intense and competitive games of the year.

Qualifying from each round is no easy task though.

Follow these 7 tips and tricks to level up your game and breeze through each level with ease.

Jump between Hexagons in Hex-A-Gone to give yourself more time

It can all come down to Hex-A-Gone in the final, but do you have the skills to be the last one standing?

fall guys hex a gone
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PATIENCE YOUNG ONE: Hold your nerve and jump slowly between hexagons to win

The controls in Fall Guys are not the most precise, but if you get the timing right, you can hop from hexagon to hexagon with an elongated period in between each one.

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Do this by waiting a moment on each platform, before jumping to the next.

This should free up enough time for you to survive in the long-run.

Holding R2 slows you down

At the end of Fall Mountain, to win you'll need to grab the Crown by holding R2 (on PS4).

fall guys fall mountain
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RACE TO THE FINISH: Be the first to claim the Crown!

However, you don't want to hold this down too early as it will slow you down, which could be enough to allow your opponent to run past you and snatch the victory out of your hands!

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Hold R2 just after you leave the ground to secure the W.

Use the Jump-Dive to clear the final row in Tip-Toe

Hold back and stick in the middle of the crowd to make sure you're not left falling whilst others are diving over the finish line!

fall guys tip toe
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DIVE TO SURVIVE: Sometimes you need to take the leap of faith!

Once there is one unknown tile in between you and the finishing line, use the Jump-Dive to clear the last row and get through the finish line yourself.

In Egg Scramble throw enemy eggs back out from inside the net

If you want to go down the more aggressive route during Egg Scramble and mess with your opponents, then this is how!

fall guys egg scramble
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EGGSELLENT: Steal enemy egg's from their basket in order to qualify

Once you are in the enemy's net, jump and let go of R2 to throw the ball out of their area whilst you stay in it.

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You do not need to leave the opponent's net in order to throw balls out of their area.

This means you can stay in there and empty their basket whilst your teammates mop up the loose eggs, and take them back to your home.

Jump down ramps to speed up

This mainly applies to the Gate Crash level, where the final obstacle involves a slime-filled ramp before you cross the finish line.

fall guys gate crash
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SUPERSONIC: Jumping down slime ramps can help you fly through the finishing line

The way to get ahead here is to jump onto the slime ramp at the top, allowing you to build up more speed than your opponent on the way down.

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As long as you've got the timing right with the gates at the bottom, you can continue that momentum and sore right through to the finish line!

Use Aerial drops in Tailtag

Drop onto your opponent from above whilst holding R2 to knock your enemy down and grab their tale!

fall guys tail tag
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Stalk your prey! Drop down onto enemies and steal their tail

You can be running away whilst your opponent is stumbling back to their feet, wondering what had just happened to them.

Jump-Dives can redirect you in mid-air

The jump-dive in Fall Guys is an essential skill to master!

You will not be able to do a 90 degree turn, but you do have significant control over your mid-air physics, providing you dive at the right time.

fall guys hoopsie daisy
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Master the mechanics - beat your opponents to the hoops by redirecting yourself mid-air

Whilst mid-air, use the square button (on PS4) and the analogue stick to redirect your Fall Guy, either slightly to the left or to the right.

Use this technique in Hoopsie Daisy to claim the hoops at awkward angles.

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