Fall Guys pushes "Jungle Adventure" theme to the limit in Season 5

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Fall Guys Season 5 has just arrived worldwide! From new skins to map changes, here is everything you should know about Fall Guys Season 5 to really get the most out of it

LATEST - Season 5 Has Just Launched

After weeks of teases and too many mentions of the word "streamus", season 5 has finally gone live.

Get in there now to unlock all those new skins.

Treetop Tumble First Of Six New Rounds

Following the "Big Streamus" Season 5 Reveal Stream, we now know the names of two of Fall Guys' six new rounds: Treetop Tumble and Lilly Leapers. There's going to be a mix of modes to keep things fresh and they should be rotated into the pre-existing level playlist.

In addition to this, Duos and Trios are coming to Fall Guys as LTMs and there's going to be a few new obstacles to tackle as you attempt to clamber up the Fame Path in Fall Guys Season 5. There's going to be over twenty new costumes in total, so save those crowns and get ready to battle it out!

Fall Guys Season 5 Spelunky Collab
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THE FIRST OF MANY COLLABS - Spelunky is joining Fall Guys in Season 5

You can check out the full "Big Streamus" stream below for a fantastic look at all the new content and behind-the-scenes artwork:

Fall Guys Season 5 Theme

So, we know that Fall Guys Season 5 will be jungle-themed, but what will that mean for the new skins and levels coming to the game.

In some of the promo art that has been posted for Season 5 of Fall Guys, a Jungle explorer set can be seen front and centre. This is likely to be one of the headline skins sets for the season. We also imagine some animal-themed sets which have proven very popular in the past.

As for new levels or shows, a lot of thought tends to go into these so we're excited to see what Mediatonic produce. We're yet to see any teases for new levels but we know we'll be seeing a lot more during the Big Streamus live stream.

Fall Guys Season 5 To Mark Debut Of Xbox And Switch Releases?

It appears that a considerable amount of hype is being placed on Fall Guys Season 5, and while we're sure a new season is enough reason to get excited, there could be ulterior motives.

The Xbox and Nintendo Switch versions of Fall Guys are confirmed but still yet to see the light of day. Could the big Streamus even mark the occasion where we'll learn the release date for these versions? We certainly hope so, as Fall Guys would be a terrific addition to Xbox Game Pass.

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