Evil Dead: The Game Full Voice Cast & All Voice Actors

Evil Dead: The Game is a wonderful celebration of all things horror. Filled with little easter eggs and tonnes of returning characters, you may recognise some of those voices. Here's what we know about them so far.

All Evil Dead: The Game Voice Actors

Evil Dead is a franchise with a strong fanbase behind it so it makes sense that particular attention would be paid to the voices. Here are some of the most recognisable roles and characters on cast.

Ash Williams Voice Actor - Bruce Campbell

If you are familiar with Evil Dead, you likely know who Bruce Campbell is. Playing Ash in the original "Evil Dead" movies, you may also recognise his voice as Sam Axe in "Burn Notice", a reporter in "Amazing Spider-Man", as well as a cameo in the latest "Doctor Strange" movie.

Ash Williams Evil Dead: The Game
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His role as Ash is one that has defined his career so getting him on board makes a lot of sense. You can check out his IMDB here.

Kelly Maxwell Voice Actor - Dana DeLorenzo

A bit newer to the Evil Dead universe, Dana DeLorenzo played the role of Kelly Maxwell in "Ash Vs Evil Dead". Outside of this, she played Barbara in "Friendsgiving", Becca in "A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas" and more.

Kelly Maxwell Evil Dead: The Game
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If you're interested, you can see all she has done in here IMDB here.

Pablo Simon Bolivar Voice Actor - Ray Santiago

Ray Santiago has a surprisingly eclectic career, acting for almost two decades. As well as playing Pablo in Ash vs Evil Dead, you can see him in the move "In Time" as Victa or as Jorge Villalobos in "Meet the Fockers".

Pablo Simon Bolivar Voice Actor
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You can check out his career from his IMDB page here.

Eligos Voice Actor - Kellen Goff

Being such an evil entity, Eligos needs a voice that is dynamic and expressive. Luckily, Kellen Goff steps in to play this role with ease. If you recognise his voice, it is likely as Glamrock Freddy and tonnes more in "Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach", Overhaul in "My Hero Academia", Fiddlesticks in "League of Legends" or Diavolo in "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure".

If you still don't recognise his voice, check out his IMDB below.

Cheryl Williams Voice Actor - Ellen Sandweiss

Ash's Sister, Cheryl Williams plays a pretty big role in Evil Dead: The Game. Like Bruce Campbell, Ellen Sandweiss has had a career from playing Cheryl and managed to master the character with time.

Cheryl Williams Evil Dead The Game
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If you want to see everything she has worked on, here's her IMDB.

Lord Arthur Voice Actor - Marcus Gilbert

Like the other cast members, Lord Arthur is played by the original actor, Marcus Gilbert. If you recognise him, it may be as Tomask in "Rambo 3", Lord Carysbroke in "The Dark Angel" or Eric Von Stalheim in "Biggle".

You can see his IMDB right here.

There are some names we left off this list. It is mostly down to not quite knowing their role in the game yet or not having a confirmed name for the voice actor. As the game launches, we will update you with more names.

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