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Will Evil Dead: The Game be Crossplay?

Evil Dead: The Game has been anticipated for some time. Fitting somewhat into the coop horror experiences given by the likes of Dead by Daylight, it sets itself apart in its aesthetic and gameplay. Only time will tell what kind of staying power it has. If you're looking to play it crossplay, here's what you should know.

Evil Dead: The Game Crossplay

As announced over on the official Evil Dead: The Game Twitter, it will have fully enabled crossplay between PC and Consoles on launch. This means that, no matter what way you and your friends play the game, you can all play together.

It is unsure if there are any caveats to this in-game. It seems likely it will take after other games that have it enabled. If this is the case, we could imagine finding an option to turn off crossplay, if you don't want to play with PC players. Unfortunately, given its architecture, cheaters tend to operate on PC a little more. If you want to entirely avoid this chance, you will likely be able to turn it off.

This being said, it's usually worth the chance to get even more people to play with.

How does Evil Dead: The Game Multiplayer work?

Originally, Evil Dead: The Game was delayed to further improve the experience and a singleplayer mode was announced alongside this. This being said, the focus of the game is still multiplayer. It is a game intended to take on with your friends or strangers online. It does have a dedicated singleplayer but we are unsure of the size just yet. It seems likely this won't take too much away from the intent of the game.

It seems like the singleplayer mode could be a take on what the multiplayer is already doing. Either way, you will have to take down baddies, boomstick in hand.

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