Does Evil Dead: The Game have Singleplayer?

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Evil Dead: The Game is something fans have been clamouring after for a long time. A tongue in cheek multiplayer horror title set in the Evil Dead universe feels like a perfect fit for the genre. Unfortunately, your friends may not always be around to help you out. Here's what we know about Evil Dead: The Game's singleplayer so far.

Evil Dead: The Game Singleplayer Details

Thankfully, Evil Dead: The Game does have a singleplayer mode with fully-fledged missions and a story. In this trailer, you can see a little bit of what it has to offer. As well as showing off some of the spooky looks of the game, it has Ash acquire the boomstick and make his way through a creepy forest.

It is unsure how in-depth this story gets or what it tries to do with the central narrative but we definitely know it exists to some extent. Perhaps, it could play as a prologue to the whole game, seeing characters acquire their gear and end up in the situation they have to fight out of.


Can You Play Evil Dead: The Game solo?

Last year, Evil Dead: The Game was partially delayed to implement a full-on singleplayer system. This includes the option to play the game solo. In this, you can play the missions you would otherwise play alongside AI-controlled bots. They won't be as clever or communicative as a friend but may be a little easier to find.

If you're looking to play Evil Dead: The Game solo, you can. It is unsure how robust the singleplayer is but we definitely know it exists. We'll update you right here as more information comes out. We are sure to see updates over the coming weeks.