Elden Ring: How to get the Gold Scarab

Elden Ring is infamously a pretty tough game but a few tricks and secrets can help you pass it with no problem. With enough ruins, you can take on pretty much anything in the game. Here's how to get the Gold Scarab in Elden Ring for yourself.

Where is the Golden Scarab in Elden Ring?

You can find the Golden Scarab all the way out in Caelid. You will need to explore the area above the place we have marked on the map. If you can, rest at the site of grace above and traverse the cliffs.

Elden Ring Gold Scarab
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From those cliffs, you can find branches hanging into an abandoned cave. Hop on them and you should see a Site of Grace. Follow the picture below to know where you need to go.

Elden Ring Golden Scarab
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How to get the Golden Scarab in Elden Ring

The bosses for this area aren't too bad but the build-up is possibly the worst part. The second you leave the Site of Grace, you are dropped into a pool that fills your blood rot. You can tactically avoid it by jumping first and then clinging the sides.

When you get a foothold where blood rot does not go up, wait until it subsides before going forward. The key to this is to not roll. Doing so will coat you with it.

You can opt to hold the run button or do a bunch of back dashes. Look away from where you want to go and tap the roll button by itself to move quickly backwards. In this area, you will also find enemies that poison you. You are better off mapping out the cave and running by them all.

The boss is actually two "Cleanrot Knights". They both favour physical attacks but can imbue their weapons with holy damage and can use some light magic. The best way of tackling these is by using your summon spirits to distract them and go for the backstab.

You can focus on one or go for both at the same time, taking advantage of the temporary invulnerability backstabs grant you. Once one is done, stay close and be patient. Killing these will grant you the Golden Scarab - passively boosting Ruin gain.

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