Elden Ring: How to Kill Skeletons

While Elden Ring may be the latest epic released by FromSoftware, it shares several similar traits and enemies from previous games in the Souls series. Perhaps one of the most recognizable enemies you'll see roaming around Limgrave and The Lands Between is the humble skeleton.

As with Souls games past, these bony boys have a penchant for cheating death and usually have a way of putting themselves back together after being smashed to pieces. Elden Ring is no exception.

Here we'll show you how to put these skeletons down for good, and hopefully make your adventure that little bit easier.

Where are the Skeletons in Elden Ring?

Skeletons are peppered all over the place in The Lands Between. More often than not, they'll be hanging around gravesites or meandering aimlessly around ruined villages. You may even happen upon a boss encounter or two where they'll be adamant about hindering your journey.

Elden Ring giant enemy
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They gradually emerge from the ground one bony finger at a time, before fully forming and advancing to attack. They don't care if you're riding your trusty spirit steed, they'll find a way to get you.

How do you Kill the Skeletons?

Like most enemies in this game, Skeletons can be easily defeated with a few swift whacks with your weapon of choice... but there is, of course, a catch.

As you walk away, thinking the job is done, their broken bodies will begin to glow and they will gradually reform to fight you again. A good indicator that you haven't fully killed the Skeleton is that you won't receive runes until it is completely defeated.

Elden Ring battles with enemies
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So, how do you bring them down for good? In the original Dark Souls, you had to kill a necromancer. In Dark Souls 3, they simply had to be beaten twice. In Elden Ring, all you have to do is simply attack that glowing spot on the ground where you beat them and it will stop them from reviving.

But, there is always more than one way to smash a skeleton. Once you get access to Elden Ring's hub area, the Roundtable Hold, you'll be able to talk with Hewg, the resident blacksmith, and he can imbue your weapon with an occult effect. Beat a Skeleton with an occult weapon, and the job is done even faster.

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