How to Get Early Access to Rust Console Edition

May is a great month for survival games. Subnautica received a huge sequel and the modding community has kept it alive with VR and tons more.

Rust is in a very similar situation. The devs brought it to life and the community kept it going. This spirit has been so overwhelming it will now land on consoles, almost a decade after its release. Here's how to get access to it early.

Release Date & Time

Most players will see its official release this Friday, May 18. This means, if you buy it on the day of release, you can get into the game immediately.

There are a handful of different editions you can go for, all at different price ranges offering different extras.

How to Get Early Access

As you may have guessed from the previous paragraph, this is all about the edition you buy. While the standard edition grants you the base game (plus a few weapons packs) the deluxe and ultimate edition grant you 3-day early access starting tomorrow.

Rust Console Edition
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New Cobalt Employee Welcome Pack

The deluxe edition gives you the base game plus a few extras for a little more than the standard edition.

First, you get the 3-day early access but you also get the "Cobalt Employee Welcome Pack", beta access (this has already happened), and public testing branch access. Essentially, by Friday, most of these bonuses are gone but it might be worth it to get the game a little early.

The ultimate edition has a few more tangible perks for even more money. It gives you the game, beta access, public testing branch access, and early access.

It also gives you a handful of weapon and tool packs alongside the "Elite Combat Pack", the "Ultimate Cobalt Employee Welcome Pack" and 1100 Rust coins for your troubles.

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