When is Rust Console Edition actually coming out?

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Double Eleven and Facepunch Studios have released an official teaser trailer for Rust Console Edition and everyone is asking the same thing: when the hell is it out?

Rust Console edition is due to launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2021, however, there was little information to suggest anything else until earlier today when a new teaser trailer dropped.

Below, we have everything you need to know about Rust Console Edition and its' release date.


Teaser Trailer

Earlier, we got a brand new look at Rust Console Edition courtesy of Double Eleven.

The teaser trailer doesn't give too much away but showcases a few different weapons and locales in an exciting sizzle that has reignited discussions on when we can expect to see it come out.

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Below, you can check it out for yourself. It's just under a minute long.

Release Date


Although the teaser trailer doesn't give us anything specific regarding a release date, it does importantly reinforce the fact that we are getting Rust Console Edition in 2021.

With the COVID-19 pandemic impacting game development across the board, it's a welcome sight to see a game have its release window reaffirmed by the developer.

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That being said, Rust Console Edition could still get pushed back to 2022 as no concrete release date has been given.

Although, you get the sense that this is being launched as a "first look confirmation" type of announcement as opposed to a "we're going to push it back in a month" misjudgement.

Rust Console Edition Tank Hazmat Yellow
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RUN! - Rust is all about survival and doing whatever it takes... Like running away from a tank

For the latest on Rust Console Edition, Double Eleven's website can be found here.

You can also sign-up for the Rust Console Edition Beta and pre-order notifications on this page, which is a good sign it isn't too far away.

Rust first launched in Early Access in December 2013, followed by a full release in February 2018. Now, we could be seeing Rust Console Edition launch before the end of 2021 as planned.