DOOM Eternal Trophies & Achievement guide: Secrets, platinum, gamerscore, & more

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It's Doom Day.

After years of waiting and months of delays, DOOM Eternal is here and oh boy is it good. You can read our review here.


The Doom Slayer has returned and all hell has broken loose. You'll need every shred of nerve you have and more than a few bullets to come through this one.

Like every game these days, PS4 and Xbox One players have a raft of achievements and trophies they can collect as they play through the game.

There are even five secret, unnamed, trophies to unlock as you go.

What are they? Let's take a look.


DOOM Eternal Trophy & Achievement list

Doom eternal review hell priest 1

SMILE! No one enjoys what they do more than the Doom Slayer

DOOM Eternal has a massive 91 score on metacritic, so it is definitely a game you should buy.


Like many games, DOOM Eternal's trophy/achievement list asks you to explore beyond the main story and delve into the online Battlemode, a new feature that looks set to revolutionise multiplayer gaming.

You may also need to do a re-play of the campaign to make sure you fine and collect all the little extras that are dotted around.

These are the trophies & achievements you can get by playing DOOM Eternal.

Name Description PS4 Trophy Xbox GScore
Reforged the Genie LampComplete the cheat code collection in a single save slotBronze10
Metal HeadComplete the album collection in a single save slotBronze10
Playset Sold SeparatelyComplete the toy collection in a single save slotBronze10
Weapons ExpertKill a Player Demon with each of the 8 Slayer Weapons in BATTLEMODEBronze10
Treasure Hunter (Secret)Beat all the encounters and Mission Challenges, and find all Items in Taras Nabad in a single save slotBronze15
Master of Fasting (Secret)Complete a Mission with only the Famine Mode cheat onBronze15
This One's my FavoriteComplete a Praetor Suit Perk category in a single save slotBronze15
DoomsdayComplete Hell on EarthBronze20
Interplanetary FrackingBlow a hole in MarsBronze20
Crystal CravingUpgrade Health, Armor, or AmmoBronze20
Bonus StageComplete a Slayer GateBronze20
Meet Your Unmaykr (Secret)Acquire the UnmaykrBronze20
Mix and MatchPlay as 5 different Demons in BATTLEMODEBronze20
Fight Like HellDo 5000 damage as a Player Demon in BATTLEMODEBronze20
Blood BathKill 200 opponents in BATTLEMODEBronze20
HomemaykrSpend 8 Sentinel Batterie in the Fortress of Doom in a single save slotBronze25
Darn It, They Keep BREAKINGPerform 33 Unique Glory Kills in a single save slotBronze33
Truce between DemonsHeal yourself or your teammate for 50000 health in BATTLEMODESilver20
Thumbs DownBest the Gladiator in the coliseumSilver25
Man vs MonstersPlay 25 BATTLEMODE matchesSilver25
The Hunters Became the HuntedKill the Doom HuntersSilver30
Nontraditionalist (Secret)Kill the Khan MaykrSilver30
King of the CrystalsFully upgrade Health, Armor, or Ammo in a single save slotSilver30
Extra Extra LivesPick up 20 Extra Lives total in a single save slotSilver30
If Only I could Read…Collect all physical Codex pages in a single save slotSilver30
GunpletionistMaster all Weapon Mods in a single save slotSilver30
Breaker of GatesComplete all Slayer Gates in a single save slotSilver40
Reforged and RefueledAcquire a new Crucible in Taras NabadSilver50
The Once and Future SlayerComplete the Campaign on any difficultySilver50
Running Up The High ScoreComplete Extra Life Mode with 10 Extra Lives in your InventoryGold50
It's a Magic NumberKill 666 DemonsGold67
Iconoclast (Secret)Kill the Icon of SinGold90
They're ALL My FavoritePurchase all Praetor Suit Perks in a single save slotGold100
Heavy MetalEarn all trophiesPlatinumN/A

Secret trophies/achievements

The five secret achievements for DOOM Eternal is quite a low number for a game, but they are mainly there not to give away too much of the campaign from the get-go.


You don't have to do much out of the norm to rack up those secrets.