Deathloop: How to Get Into 2-BIT’s Room

Some of the Visionaries you're trying to kill in Deathloop are weird characters. None more so than Charlie Montague, who has his own AI (more than just an AI) that you need to interact with more than once in your quest to escape the loop.

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We've got a quick walkthrough on how to find 2-BIT, get into his room, and start talking to him, in case you're having problems doing so.

How to Find 2-BIT


Once you've got to Charlie's mansion/games centre by following the waypoint, you need to make your way to the outer space level, which is the third one up.

You can fight your way up or sneak your way up, whichever you prefer. The loud way will see you come up against a lot of enemies, but take a shotgun with you and you'll be fine.

The mansion is all close quarters, so you shouldn't have too many issues taking them all out.

How to Get Into 2-BIT’s Room in Deathloop

Once you've found 2-BIT, who's locked behind bulletproof glass and two gated off doors, you need to work out how to get to him.

What you need to do is look through the glass at the front of the room towards the back of the door on the left side of it. At the top, you'll spot a hackable lock, which you can unlock with your Hackamajig.

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EAGLE EYED: Look for the antenna

You can then go through the door and into 2-BIT's room.


How to Talk to Him

Once you're in there, you'll notice that you cannot immediately interact with him, which is because he's voice activated. He needs to hear Charlie say his full name to be active.

If you look in the back corner of the room, you'll spot a recording for you to play - there are loads in Deathloop. If you interact with it to play it, you'll hear a chat involving Charlie, in which he says his full name.

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SPEAK!: Get Charlie to say his own name

That will activate 2-BIT and you can actually now begin talking to him, progressing the mission you're currently in.

You'll need to speak with more than once, so just remember this solution for the future.