Is Deathloop on Game Pass for PC?

After years of waiting, Deathloop is finally almost here. You can read all our thoughts right here in our review. Although it has its issues, it's a wonderfully charming and well-thought-out time loop game. While you can play it on PC via Steam, you may be looking for a cheaper way to do so. Here's what we know about whether Deathloop is on Game Pass for PC.

Release Date

Deathloop finally launches on September 14th, 2021. After years in development and a handful of delays, it makes its way into customers' hands tomorrow and, if reviews are anything to go by, it's sure to entertain.

This gives you just a few hours to order it if you want the special preorder bonuses.


The game is currently available on two major platforms. You can play it with haptic feedback and special features over on PlayStation or on PC via Steam.

Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be any plans to bring the game to PlayStation 4, fully signalling the start to the end of the eighth console generation.

Is Deathloop on Game Pass PC?

As of right now, Deathloop is not on Game Pass for PC. That being said, it could arrive in the future. PlayStation have one year of console exclusivity on Arkane's latest, despite Microsoft purchasing Bethesda over the last year.

This all being said, after that one year of exclusivity, Microsoft is free to do what it likes with the game and they seem to have a history of bringing their games to Game Pass.

For this reason, we expect to see Deathloop on Game Pass for Xbox and PC sometime after September 14th, 2022. If we're lucky, we could get it that very day with some nice year one DLC or something like that. If you can't bear to wait, you can pick up the game for yourself right now.

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