Deathloop Makes Big Showing at PS State of Play

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Deathloop is an upcoming game from Arkane Studios and Bethesda which will be released on PS5 and Windows.

The game puts players in difficult situations where they will die time and time again, revaluating their approach each time to try and navigate the challenge.

Here's what we know so far.

Latest - Deathloop Premieres New Gameplay Trailer at State of Play

PlayStation's first State of Play of 2021 featured 10 different games, but Deathloop may have stolen the show.

Deathloop State of Play
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With an intense gameplay trailer and some awesome art around it, plenty of fans will now be ready to pick the game up on launch day.

Release Date

Deathloop will launch on 21 May, and will be console-exclusive for its first year.

There is currently no word on whether the game will have any period of early access.


We've gotten a few bits of Deathloop gameplay thanks to some trailers and the new showing at State of Play!

Deathloop State of Play Gameplay Trailer
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RUN IT BACK: You must die to kill in Deathloop

The game looks amazing, with all kinds of weapons and abilities to destroy enemies as you figure out how to survive tense battles.

With fast-paced movement, high action and plenty of strategy necessary - this game looks like it will be a fantastic experience all around.


Deathloop has had several trailers that give players a glimpse into what's coming.

Perhaps the most exciting, however, is the showing at PlayStation's State of Play.

You can watch this trailer below:

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