What do Star Levels do in Clash Royale and why should you care about them?

Every card currently available in Clash Royale has one of three Star Levels attributed to it. You can have a Star Level one, Star Level two, or Star Level three card at the moment. That's all well and good, but what do these Star Levels actually do in Clash Royale? Well... Here's everything you need to know.

Star Levels are purely cosmetic in Clash Royale

We have some bad news for those of you out there who want to get an edge with a high Star Level card - they don't actually give you an edge.

Star Levels are purely cosmetic improvements for your Clash Royale cards, they don't offer any bonuses or have any effects on interactions at the moment.

That being said, you should still look into them because they're pretty awesome.

You can spend collected Star Points on Star Levels, upgrading Level 7, Level 10, and Level 13 cards to increase Star Levels. Each increased Star Level will give your cards "golden particle effects and golden clothing, armour, weapons, or other elements" when you play those cards in a game.

  • Star Level 1 - 5,000 Star Points (5,000 in total)
  • Star Level 2 - 15,000 Star Points (20,000 in total)
  • Star Level 3 - 20,000 Star Points (45,000 in total)

You'll need a level six King Tower before you can start upgrading these, though, but they're worthwhile if you want something a little snazzier in your deck.

How to earn Star Points (to increase Star Levels)

After you've hit level six with your King Tower, you can actually toggle Star Points and replace standard XP when you donate and upgrade cards. You can also earn Star Points when packing or buying any max-level card.

  • 1 Star Point - Common
  • 10 Star Points - Rare
  • 100 Star Points - Epic
  • 1000 Star Points - Legendary

You might find you already have some Star Points lying around if you're King Tower level six - the recent update opened Star Points and Star Levels up to everyone with a high-enough King Tower, not just Level 13 players.

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