Clash Royale Champions Update Patch Notes for October 27

Clash Royale, a real-time strategy set in the Clash universe, has been constantly updating and changing since its release years ago. Now, with the Champions Update, there's so much more to do. Here's what you should know about the latest patch notes.

Clash Royal Champions Update Patch Notes

There are tonnes of new changes in the game. You can check them all out here. Here are a few noticeable changes:

Card upgrade costs have been reduced. You can see the changes below

Clash Royale Patch Notes
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Alongside this, the gold cost to upgrade has been reduced too.

Star points will now unlock at KL 6, meaning you can earn them from KL1 and use them just five levels later

You will earn Star Points by upgrading and donating cards, as well as collecting max-level cards. Star Levels will unlock depending on the Card level:
  • Star Level 1 unlocks for Cards at level 7
  • Star Level 2 unlocks for Cards at level 10
  • Star Level 3 unlocks for Cards at level 13

Some brand new rewards and champions have also been found. Check out the blog post for information on them all. Finally, some quality of life improvements have come in, making decks easier to format and giving you the option to copy opponent's decks. As well as this, changes have been made to the tournament cap and tournament challenges.

Fixes and Improvements

  • 120Hz device support
  • Increased delay between Emote uses
  • Increased "required trophies" number in clans to reflect the changes to Trophy Road
  • Fix for TV Royale replays showing the incorrect Arena number
  • Fix for unintended interaction with Goblin Drill and Clone
  • Change Goblin Drill’s trail to make it more distinct from the Miner
  • Fixed an issue with Replays becoming stuck
  • Some UI fixes
  • Fixed some crashes
  • Other minor improvements
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