Minecraft Dungeons Echoing Void Release Countdown

Minecraft Dungeons meant quite a lot as a project for the team at Mojang. Being one of the first long-term successful gaming spin-offs for Minecraft, it's a proof of concept for something much larger. It's a sign that the Minecraft universe still has much more room to grow.

The last DLC took the players to the depths and this DLC takes players even further, all the way to the end. Here is when you can play it and what you should know about the next DLC.

Release Date and Time

Luckily, if you just can't wait, the latest DLC is out today and part of the ultimate edition of the game.

Although we don't know the exact release time, we can take a guess based on the previous DLC. If this is right, we can expect to see the launch at sometime midday BST.


You can expect to see the latest DLC arrive on all the platforms the base game is on. This means you can play it on PS4 / Xbox One / Switch and PC, as well as finding versions available on PS5 / Xbox Series X & S.

The ultimate edition is currently only available on Xbox though.


Although there have been a handful of trailers, possibly the best representation of what you can expect to see is the Minecraft Dungeons Diaries.

This walks you through some of the biggest changes and shows off a little of what you can expect to find.

Download Size

We don't fully know what size the next DLC is just yet but we do know the anticipatory title update came in at around 998MB. There's a chance this is all we need to download

Xbox Game Pass

While the game is on Xbox Game Pass, The DLC is not. If you want to play this DLC, you will have to buy it seperately,

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