Will there be a Madden 24?



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The franchise has been in decline for years, so will there be a Madden 24? Well, barring anything catastrophic happening, players can expect a new Madden game this year.

EA's current agreement with the NFL will see them continue with annual Madden games through the 2025 season. One of the problems is that for gamers everywhere, Madden has been a stagnant franchise for a long time now.

With Madden 24 being such an important game for the franchise, there is an air of make-or-break from the community.

Will there be a Madden 24?

Players will be getting Madden 24 this year. That much is guaranteed. What the game will be is definitely up in the air. The Frostbite engine was never really designed for sports simulation titles and has been a bone of contention with players.

The animation-driven gameplay has always been a frustration, and it is likely to continue in Madden 24. A new engine for the game isn't going to arrive until EA moves away from the PS4 & Xbox One, and given the players still on those consoles this year seems unlikely to be the one.

Madden 24
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PADDED PLAYBOOKS: Additional hot routes could be a feature next year.

We're going to take a look at a few things today assuming that there aren't any Madden 24 delays, the first of which will be a potential release date.

We know the range of dates and time frame that the game is usually released, so we can use that.

Madden 24 release date prediction

By using previous releases of the game we can predict when the Madden 24 release date might be.

Keep in mind that nothing official has been revealed and likely won't be for some time. All of our predictions are our own without any information from EA.

Madden 24
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POTENTIAL LAUNCH: Mid August is when we think Madden 24 will come out

Madden titles have always been released in August. Sometimes at the start of the month, sometimes at the end. Most recently the game has arrived in mid-August, with both Madden 22 and 23 seeing their official release date fall on the third Friday of the month.

That would put the Madden 24 release date on August 18, 2023, with early access starting three days before.

Obviously, this is unconfirmed at the moment, but it is highly likely to be that date unless anything unexpected happens.

Madden 24 cover athlete

Again, we'd like to stress that these are all predictions and nothing about the Madden 24 cover has been revealed so far.

When it comes to potential cover athletes, there are three or four names that stand out. The NFL season has ended. As usual, the MVP winner and Super Bowl MVP winner are always on the list of favourites to grace the cover of the next edition. With Patrick Mahomes having won both, he is the front-runner to become Madden 24 cover athlete. Or at least, he would be if he hadn't been on the Madden 20 and Madden 22 covers.

Madden 24
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POTENTIAL COVER: Could Joe Burrow end up on the Madden 24 cover?

Jalen Hurts, who led the Eagles to a Super Bowl appearance and finished second in the MVP race, is the most likely candidate at the moment, but Josh Allen and Joe Burrow are also among the favourites.

There hasn't been a non-QB on the Madden cover since Madden 19 (excluding the John Madden cover to mark his passing for Madden 23). That was Antonio Brown, and there is a suggestion that Vikings WR Justin Jefferson or Titans RB Derrick Henry could be on the cover this year.

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