Will Madden 23 have crossplay?

Madden 23 is on the way, but players on different platforms than their friends are wondering if this could finally be the year for crossplay.

With some leaks and rumors in mind, here's everything we know so far about Madden 23 and crossplay.

Will Madden 23 have crossplay?

As of now, EA Sports has not confirmed crossplay as a feature in Madden 23, but there are some signs that it could happen.

The most encouraging piece of the puzzle is that FIFA 22 finally brought crossplay to that franchise, though as a feature it was exclusive to Xbox Series X|S and PS5 players.

If crossplay is added to Madden 23, we're likely to see a similar divide as they've reworked the gameplay engine on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S with past gen players keeping the old build.

Madden 23 crossplay
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In the buildup to launch, we've gotten a few tidbits of information from Madden23Leaks on Twitter, primarily focused on ratings.

That same account stated on June 17 that crossplay was a possibility, but stressed that it was currently unconfirmed.

The next day, they reported that EA had been attempting to reach a company agreement for crossplay, likely between Sony and Microsoft, but couldn't confirm whether it's planned for Madden 23 or a future release.

While we don't know for certain whether Madden 23 will have crossplay or not, things may finally be moving in the right direction if these reports are true.

Madden continues to lag behind other sports gaming franchises

The lack of crossplay is just one way that other franchises have left Madden in the dust, as longtime PlayStation exclusive MLB The Show introduced crossplay last year for their Xbox debut.

FIFA 22 took that step, and it's something likely to return when FIFA 23, or EA Sports FC 23, is released later this year.

This isn't the only area where Madden falls short, as we've recently confirmed via the beta that Create A Team remains absent from Franchise Mode.

Meanwhile, the MLB The Show, NBA 2K, EA Sports NHL, and EA Sports FC have all had team creation options for some time.

The biggest advancements this year look to be focused on gameplay, and we've got more details here on how FieldSENSE felt in the Madden 23 closed beta.

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