Madden NFL 17 Franchise Mode: St. Louis Relocation Team Guide

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In Madden NFL 17 Franchise Mode you are given the option to relocate your franchise to an entirely new city. Earlier this week I wrote a guide on exactly how to do that and I listed all 18 cities that you can relocate to.

Now, here is a guide as to what you can expect if you choose St. Louis as your new NFL city.

Unlike all of the other cities, St. Louis does not offer any new team names or uniforms. If you choose St. Louis you have to retain your original team name and uniforms so only pick St. Louis if you are only looking to change your city.

One thing you can still change is your stadium. As with all the cities you will be given a choice of 5 designs of stadium: Canopy, Futuristic, Hybrid, Sphere or Traditional. Each design of stadium then has two options: Basic or Deluxe. The Basic stadiums have Level 2 (of 5) facilities (Seating, Car Park, Toilets, Merchandise, Fan Zone, Food) and the Deluxe Stadiums have Level 5 facilities. Apart from that level difference the stadiums look the same. Nevertheless, here is all the information you need about all of the stadium options in St. Louis.

  Stadium Type Number of Seats Number of Suites Total Cost ($) Weekly Cost ($) Stadium Funding 
Basic 66,00025000.75 Billion0.96 Million36%
Deluxe 66,00040001 Billion1.46 Million27%
Basic 70,00025000.85 Billion1.16 Million32%
Deluxe 70,00050001.35 Billion2.16 Million20%
Basic 67,00030000.80 Billion1.06 Million34%
Deluxe 67,00045001 Billion1.46 Million27%
Basic 69,00020000.70 Billion0.86 Million39%
Deluxe 69,00045001.15 Billion1.76 Million24%
Basic 72,00025000.71 Billion0.88 Million38%
Deluxe 72,00060001.18 Billion1.81 Million23%


As you can see, moving to St. Louis is not cheap. As it is not a huge city and there isn’t that much interest you will not get much help financially when it comes to building a stadium. So I would recommend that you wait a few years and earn a lot of money before you commit to moving to St. Louis.


Don’t let that put you off though, even though the stadium is going to cost a lot you will be able to earn the money back and the move may be what keeps your franchise alive.

Will you be moving your team to St. Louis? Let us know in the comments!

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