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Madden NFL 17 Franchise Mode: London Relocation Team Guide

Want to move your Madden NFL 17 Team to London? Here are all the details you need to know.

Earlier this week I wrote a guide on how to relocate your franchise in Madden NFL 17 Franchise Mode. In that article I listed all of the 18 cities you can relocate your team to. One of those cities is London. Here is the complete guide to moving your team to England’s capital city, London.

London Relocate

After choosing London on the city choice stage of the relocation, you’ll have the choice of new Team Branding. There will be a total of four choices.

Ravens Relocate

The first choice being to stick with your current team name. If you choose this option you may not be all that popular and it means you miss the chance on having completely new uniforms.

London Black Knights

One London specific name is the Black Knights. The Black Knight is an English legend from the times of King Arthur. The logo is pretty cool and the red, black and grey color combination is pretty hard to beat.

London Bulldogs

The second London option is a tribute to World War 2 Prime Minister Winston Churchill and what is possibly the most British dog. the colour scheme is 100% British so is hard to beat in terms of authenticity.

London Monarchs

The final London option is a tribute to the English Royal Family and the former London based team in the World League of American Football. Again, the color scheme is very British and the name and logo are too, so if you’re looking for a truly English team name then this or the Bulldogs are the clear options.

Having picked the Team Branding you will then get the opportunity to pick a uniform. You will have three choices regardless of which name you pick.

Black Knights:

London Black Knights 1


London Black Knights 2

London Black Knights 3


London Bulldogs Uni 1

London Bulldogs Uni 2

London Bulldogs Uni 3


London Monarchs 1 2

London Monarchs 2

London Monarchs 3

If you ask me, the choice is between the Bulldogs and the Black Knights. The Monarchs uniforms are a little too busy and are ugly in my opinion. But what do you think?

Having picked the Uniform you will move onto the final stage of your relocation which is to pick your stadium. There are five designs of stadium to choose from: Canopy, Futuristic, Hybrid, Sphere and Traditional. Each of those stadiums has two options: Basic or Deluxe. The only difference between the two options is the level of the facilities (the toilets, merchandise store, parking, seats and fan zone – the better they are the more money you make/the happier the fans), the Basic stadiums have Level 2 (of 5) facilities and the Deluxe Stadiums have Level 5 facilities. Here are all the key facts about the stadium options in London:

 Stadium TypeNumber of SeatsNumber of SuitesTotal Cost ($)Weekly Cost ($)Stadium Funding 
Basic 66,00025000.75 Billion0.78 Million50%
Deluxe 66,00040001 Billion1.28 Million38%
Basic 70,00025000.85 Billion0.98 Million44%
Deluxe 70,00050001.35 Billion1.98 Million28%
Basic 67,00030000.80 Billion0.88 Million47%
Deluxe 67,00045001 Billion1.28 Million38%
Basic 69,00020000.70 Billion0.68 Million54%
Deluxe 69,00045001.15 Billion1.58 Million33%
Basic 72,00025000.71 Billion0.7 Million53%
Deluxe 72,00060001.18 Billion1.63 Million32%

As you can see, the Deluxe stadiums are considerably more expensive, but they earn you more money more quickly and the fans are happier with the stadium. It also means that they cost less money in the long run. What’s more, as London is a huge market, you save a lot of money as the city pays for a large chunk of the stadium. 

Once you have built your stadium all that is left to do is finish your current season as you look forward to starting the next one as a brand new team across the pond in London.

Will you be taking your franchise to London? Let us know in the comments!

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    Nice I wish those were real teams the London ones like the black knights bulldogs monarchs great team names

Madden NFL 17 Franchise Mode: London Relocation Team Guide

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