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Madden NFL 17 Franchise Mode: How to Relocate your Franchise

Do you want to know how to move you Madden NFL 17 Franchise to London, Oklahoma City or Toronto? Here is a guide for every step of the way.

Madden NFL 17 has what is, in my opinion, the most immersive, realistic and enjoyable career/season/franchise mode in Connected Franchise. It allows you to take on the role of any current player, coach or owner or create any player, coach or owner, break real-life records and ultimately make a bid at the Hall of Fame and it even allows you to go on this journey with up to 32 of your friends at the same time.

One particularly unique part of Madden’s Connected Franchise is the fact that the user is given the ability to relocate your chosen NFL team to a number of cities around the world. “How do you do that?” I hear you ask, well here is a guide on how to relocate in Madden NFL 17.

First of all, when you start your Connected Franchise (online or offline) you have to be playing as the owner (active or created) in order to relocate. If you choose to play as a player or a coach you will not have the choice to relocate you team. In order to make relocation more available you should change the ‘Relocation Settings’ in the ‘League Settings’ tab to ‘Everyone (Can Relocate)’, but you will still be able to relocate on ‘Normal’, ‘Users Only’ or ‘All Users Only’. In ‘Everyone (Can Relocate)’ you can start the relocation process at any point during the season.

Picture 1

In order to do this you need to scroll along to the ‘Manage’ tab on the Connected Franchise home screen, and then scroll down to the ‘My Owner’ tab on that screen. Once you select the ‘My Owner’ tab a list of options will appear, one of which will be ‘Stadium’ and that is where you need to go.

Picture 2

Once you are on that screen you will have 3 options regarding your stadium: ‘Upgrade Stadium’, ‘Rebuild Stadium’ and ‘Relocate’. Select ‘Relocate’ and then continue advancing your season as usual.

Picture 3

The next stage of your relocation will come a few weeks later and you’ll come across the next step in the ‘Things to do’ tab and it will appear at the top of that list typically in Week 5. The first decision you will have to make is what city you will be relocating your team to, there are 18 options.

London Relocate

Over the next 3 Weeks in your season this option will pop up with the next step. After picking your city you will have to first pick your team name from 4 choices: keeping your current team name or picking one of three city specific names.

OKC Nighthawks

After picking your team name you will get to pick a new uniform design from three different options (unless you choose to keep your current team name, in which case your uniforms remain the same as they were before you chose to relocate).

OKC Bisons 1

The final step is picking your new stadium. There are five different stadium designs to choose from but each stadium has a Basic or Deluxe design. The Basic Design has Level 2 (of 5) Facilities (Parking, Team Store, Fan Zone, Bathrooms, Concessions and Seating) and the Deluxe Design has Level 5 Facilities. The different stadiums are as follows:

 Stadium TypeNumber of SeatsNumber of SuitesTotal Cost ($)
Basic 66,00025000.75 Billion
Deluxe 66,00040001 Billion
Basic 70,00025000.85 Billion
Deluxe 70,00050001.35 Billion
Basic 67,00030000.80 Billion
Deluxe 67,00045001 Billion
Basic 69,00020000.70 Billion
Deluxe 69,00045001.15 Billion
Basic 72,00025000.71 Billion
Deluxe 72,00060001.18 Billion


A very important part of the decision when picking a stadium is the cost and the weekly cost and stadium funding. Depending on the size of the city, you will get a certain percentage of the stadium paid for by the city and so the weekly cost (an amount of money that comes out of your fund each week of the current season) will be different depending on where you relocate. For example, if you move to London, a Huge city, you receive 52% stadium funding on the Basic Traditional Stadium making a weekly cost of $0.7 Million, whereas if you move to Oklahoma City, a Small city, you receive 25% funding on the same stadium which is a weekly cost of $1.06 Million.

Madden NFL 17 40 Madden NFL 17 41 Madden NFL 17 42Madden NFL 17 43 Madden NFL 17 44

(Note: The Deluxe versions of the stadiums look the same, they just have higher level facilities and more suites, which only impacts the money you make from tickets.)

Once you have picked the stadium you are finished with the relocation process and all that is left to do is wait until the next season when you’ll get to see your relocation in person.


My first tip and what is possibly the most important thing to consider when you are relocating is watch your ‘Funds’ and don’t rush into things. When you start as an owner, whether you create one or take control of an active one, you have a very low amount of money in your Funds in the grand scheme of things. Relocating costs a lot as building the stadium is very costly and you have to worry about all of your players’ and coaches contracts. If you do not have a lot of money in your Funds before the move and/or you spend a lot on contracts you could very easily run out of money and have to sell the team. So, if you want to be the owner of a team and relocate that team, I suggest you turn the Cap Salary ON. This means that you’ll be able to limit how much you spend on contracts, thus saving money.

My second tip is to play at least one full season before you choose to relocate. This ties into the previous point as this puts you in a better financial position – provided you don’t lose a lot of money. By playing at least one full season you will raise a lot of money from ticket, merchandise and food sales and you will also gain a better understanding of what you can afford when you do choose to relocate.

My third tip is to not ignore the information you are given regarding the move. At every stage you are given fan opinions and even given a clear indicator as to which option is the most popular among fans. You are also told whether the city is a Small, Decent or Huge market and you are told what type of fans they have: Laid Back, Front Runner, Loyal or Hardcore. A Huge city with Loyal fans is the easiest to succeed in whereas a Small city with Laid Back fans is the hardest to succeed in. A general rule, though, is if you win a lot you’ll do well and your move will be a success but if you lose a lot you will struggle to make money. The bottom line is if you are winning you can make any city work. 

An in detail guide to each cities’ Team Names and Uniforms will come in the coming weeks.

Where do you think you’ll be relocating your team to? Let us know in the comments!

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Madden NFL 17 Franchise Mode: How to Relocate your Franchise

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