Madden 24 Weekly Wildcards Program: Everything you need to know about it

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With the TOTW program officially over a new Madden 24 program is taking over its place. This program is called Weekly Wildcards and will deliver a plethora of new cards.

The Weekly Wildcards program is very popular and players are expecting its content can keep the game fresh, at least until TOTY arrives.

Without further ado, let's find out everything about the Madden 24 Weekly Wildcards program.

Speculated release date

The Weekly Wildcards program is just around the corner, and all details of the program are expected to be revealed on 24 January, in the Good Morning Madden stream.

Madden 24 Weekly Content Schedule
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So we expect the program to arrive at MUT on 24 January, at around 1:30pm ET/6:30pm GMT. It should bring some spectacular cards, and maybe some challenges as well.

Weekly Wildcards expected content

As mentioned above, the Weekly Wildcards is replacing the TOTW program and we expect it to introduce great cards.

If the program is similar to its previous edition, it will introduce some high OVR cards of present, past, and future stars. Last year's program had four card tiers, Standouts, Heavyweights, Veterans, and Rising Stars.

Standouts were players who had a fantastic performance in the regular season. Heavyweight players were incredibly strong, possessing some astonishing strength attributes.

Madden 23 Weekly Wildcards Vita Vea
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Credit: Madden
Vita Vea was one of the many Weekly Wildcards program LTDs.

Rising Stars, as the name indicates, were young talented players that most expect to have great NFL careers, and even become superstars soon. Veterans were players who had been around the league for a very long time but were still able to have an impact.

We don't know if in Madden 24 the program will maintain the same card tiers, but we would be very surprised if it didn't. So we can expect some great cards, with high OVRs and incredible attributes, that will instantly become meta.

However, most cards will most likely not be meta but still be useful if you are running a theme team.

We will update this article regularly, so make sure to bookmark it.

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