Madden 24 Mix-Up Monday: New out of position cards are here!

Madden 24 Josh Allen

Madden 24 can't stop introducing exciting content, with plenty of programs having arrived at the game recently. Most recently, Madden 24 announced the arrival of the Mix-Up Monday promo, which is connected with the Zero Chill program.

The Mix-Up Monday program brings the first out of position cards to MUT. This program takes some of the biggest Madden 24 superstars and gives them a unique card, with this card having a different position than their real one.

What makes Mix-Up Monday so popular, is that the cards are really good, with some even being among the best in their position. So, without further ado, let's find out everything about the Mix-Up Monday promo.

Madden 24 Mix-Up Monday release date

The Madden 24 Mix-Up Monday program went live on 4 December, at around 1:30pm EST/6:30am GMT. Three cards were introduced, with these cards being announced on Sunday, 3 December, and being added to the game on Monday.

Madden 24 Mix-Up Monday Isiah Pacheco
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We expect the program to continue to follow this trend, announcing new cards on Sunday and adding them to MUT on the next day. There is a good chance we have more than three Mix-Up Monday cards per week, but only time will tell.

So, let's take a look at the cards released so far.

All Madden 24 Mix-Up Monday cards

As mentioned above, only three Mix-Up Monday cards have been released so far. These cards have incredible attributes and great X-Factors, and to some fans, they are the best players in their position.

Madden 24 Mix-Up Monday Stephon Gilmore
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The first Mix-Up Monday cards are so good, that all of them are going for around 1 million coins. If you can, make sure to pick at least one of them up as they will instantly enter your active squad and improve its quality massively.

So, let's take a look at all the Madden 24 Mix-Up Monday release I cards.

Mix-Up Monday release I cards (93 OVRs)

  • Josh Allen - LOLB - Bills
  • Stephon Gilmore - WR - Cowboys
  • Isaiah Pacheco - SS - Chiefs

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