Madden 23 Ultimate Team 'pack strike' trends, Zirksee and creators give EA an ultimatum

Madden 23 Ultimate Team leans heavily on the opening of packs to earn new cards, but creators are fed up with this year's odds.

With frustrations reaching a boiling point among creators, the Madden 23 Ultimate Team 'pack strike' has laid out key demands for EA.

Madden 23 Ultimate Team creators 'pack strike' kicked off by Zirksee

Another year brings another arrival in the longstanding Madden series, but Madden 23 Ultimate Team is drawing the ire of many.

This year's game has faced bugs and criticisms of Franchise Mode since launch, but the latest uprising targets Ultimate Team odds.

On September 20, creator Zirksee posted on Twitter that he and other creators had come together to go on an agreed 'pack strike' until changes are made.

The push by creators is planning to pressure EA by refusing to open packs, buy packs, or buy points to use on packs in-game until changes are made.

According to Zirksee, these are their demands for EA:

  • Better rerolls
  • Better pack odds overall with bundles+toppers
  • $100 version of promo bundle should be enough to complete a master/full legend
  • Solos reward with BND champion fantasy pack or AT LEAST top set pieces that can be added into sets to help NMS players

While EA has not yet addressed the situation, we're now three days into the movement and it continues to trend across social media.

According to an analysis of the hashtag on, as of this writing #PackStrike is up to 379,000+ impressions.

With 100k followers of his own on Twitter and 238k subscribers on YouTube, the biggest driver of this movement so far has been Zirksee who has garnered more than 300,000 impressions on Twitter as things continue to trend.

#PackStrike overwhelms Good Morning Madden chat

This isn't the first time we've seen a movement by fans attempting to push EA towards changes in the Madden series.

The #FixMaddenFranchise movement initially gained traction in mid-2020, and things eventually trended so much that EA actually addressed the situation.

EA made promises before Madden 21 was even released, and while the question of whether their changes were enough is up for debate, EA having responded in the past may bode well for the #PackStrike.

Madden 23 Ultimate Team Pack Strike #PackStrike
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STRIKE IN THE CHAT: Good Morning Madden's chat was full of players participating in the #PackStrike

On the most recent episode of Good Morning Madden from September 22, the live chat during the video can still be accessed where massive #PackStrike comments filled things up.

Additional actions have since been suggested and adopted like players changing their in-game Ultimate Team's name to 'PackStrike,' which Zirksee has done.

If we do hear from the company, it likely won't come until the start of next week at the earliest, depending on how this weekend's creator pressure affects them.

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