Madden 23 Ratings Hotline call earns Tua Tagovailoa a boost in Week 3 Roster Update

The Madden 23 Ratings Hotline continues to field opinions from fans, and the latest Roster Update will reflect the changes Ratings Adjustors agreed with.

Following the third week of NFL action, it's Tua Tagovailoa on the rise thanks to a Madden 23 Ratings Hotline call from one Miami Dolphins fan.

Madden 23 Ratings Hotline call boosts Tua Tagovailoa

After another week of NFL action is in the books, we've now arrived at the Week 3 Roster Update in Madden 23 with dozens of players on the move.

As for the Miami Dolphins, their young quarterback Tua Tagovailoa saw a boost this week thanks in part to a call to the Madden 23 Ratings Hotline.

The call, which you can hear in full below, outlined the dominance shown as Tua Tagovailoa seems to finally be tapping into his potential with the Dolphins.

Thanks to his performance and the argument from this Miami Dolphins fan, Madden 23 Ratings Adjustors listened and made a series of changes.

Tua Tagovailoa is seeing his player rating rise one point to a 78 OVR, and there are four key stats on the move.

Tua's Awareness raises three points to an 81 while his Toughness saw a similar three point boost up to a 93, and his accuracy also got some help.

With one point boosts for each, Tua Tagovailoa now has an 89 in Throw Accuracy Short and an 84 in Throw Accuracy Medium.

Miami Dolphins Ratings rise in Week 3 Roster Update

Sitting at first place in the AFC East after hard-fought victories against the Patriots, Ravens, and Bills, the Miami Dolphins are on the rise.

Tua Tagovailoa isn't the only player to get a boost as Jaylen Waddle, Melvin Ingram, Christian Wilkins, and Zach Sieler saw their ratings improve in the Week 3 Roster Update.

Madden 23 Ratings Hotline Roster Update Miami Dolphins
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TEAM SUCCESS: The Dolphins' success has translated into Madden 23

It wasn't exclusively good news, as the Miami Dolphins snuck out with a win only after struggling mightily against the Bills.

Chase Edmonds could only muster 21 rushing yards in 6 attempts, though 2 of those attempts became short yardage touchdowns.

The Madden 23 Ratings Adjustors saw enough to justify a downgrade as Chase Edmonds drops two points to a 78 OVR.

On top of that, left end Emmanuel Ogbah also had a rough week and gets a one point downgrade to put him at an 82 OVR in Madden 23.

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