Madden 23 TOTW 9 Players Revealed

Madden 23 TOTW 9 players are now being revealed ahead of the latest Team of the Week hitting Ultimate Team.

We've got details on all the Madden 23 TOTW 9 players including an extra special LTD and record breaker card on the way.

Madden 23 TOTW 9 Revealed

After teasing out Joe Mixon as the first Player of the Week, the full Madden 23 TOTW 9 lineup has now been revealed.

The players were announced on the latest episode of Good Morning Madden, and we've got some extra additions to the usual spread.

Week 9's special hand-picked selection by Matthew Berry is high elite Sauce Gardner after he delivered 7 tackles, and INT, and a W.

Madden 23 TOTW 9 Team of the Week players
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HAND PICKED: Gardner's performance was enough to impress Matthew Berry

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A special record breaker card is also here this week for Chicago Bears QB Justin Fields, and his 90 OVR card will be exclusively available as a direct training purchase for 10K training.

Finally, in addition to our standard two LTDs for the week, a third has been revealed to highlight Christian McCaffrey's performance with the San Francisco 49ers hitting the rare touchdown trifecta.

All of these Team of the Week cards should go live in Madden 23 Ultimate Team the afternoon of Tuesday, November 8, 2022.

All Madden 23 Team of the Week 9 Players

Without further ado, here are all the new Madden 23 Team of the Week 9 Players coming to Ultimate Team:

TOTW 9 Elites

  • Cameron Dicker (P) - 84 OVR - San Diego Chargers
    • It was mentioned during GMM this should be a Kicker card rather than a Punter card but hasn't been confirmed if that will be fixed before the card deploys.
  • Josh Uche (ROLB) - 84 OVR - New England Patriots
  • Kerby Joseph (FS) - 87 OVR - Detroit Lions
  • Mecole Hardman (WR) - 87 OVR - Kansas City Chiefs
  • Dallas Goedert (TE) - 90 OVR - Philadelphia Eagles
  • Sauce Gardner (CB) - 90 OVR - New York Jets
  • Justin Fields (QB) - 90 OVR - Chicago Bears

Offensive & Defensive Player of the Week

  • Joe Mixon (HB) - 93 OVR - Cincinnati Bengals
  • Jonathan Jones (CB) - 93 OVR - New England Patriots

TOTW 9 Champions

  • Leroy Butler (SS) - 93 OVR - Green Bay Packers
  • Jay Cutler (QB) - 93 OVR - Chicago Bears


  • Emmanuel Ogbah (LE) - 93 OVR - Miami Dolphins
  • Julio Jones (WR) - 93 OVR - Atlanta Falcons
  • Christian McCaffrey (HB) - 93 OVR - San Francisco 49ers

Ultimate Team is also bracing for the impending arrival of Harvest Release 1 which will kickoff this returning Thanksgiving themed program in Madden 23.

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