Madden 23 TOTW 10 Predictions

After the close of Week 10, we'll have a new list of Madden 23 TOTW players and we're going to make some predictions today.

A few of these predictions for Player of the Week and Team of the Week might be obvious but you never know who might be included.

Let's make some predictions for the upcoming MUT 23 set.

Madden 23 TOTW 10 Release Date

The next set of Madden 23 TOTW cards are on the way to the Madden 23 Ultimate Team platform.

We should have an official Good Morning Madden stream on Tuesday, November 15 that will detail the cards coming to MUT.

Madden 23 TOTW 11
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TOTW MEMBERS: Get ready for a new Good Morning Madden tommorrow.

With the Good Morning Madden stream, the new Madden 23 TOTW cards will be released to a MUT Marketplace.

The following week we'll have even more Team of the Week Cards. Before we get a glimpse at the new cards, let's make a few predictions.

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Madden 23 TOTW 10 Predictions

NFL players have the ability each week to leave it all out on the field for a chance to earn a spot in the Madden 23 TOTW.

Our selections for this roster range from current players to players that performed remarkably well in previous Week 10 games.

Madden 23 TOTW 10
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BARKLEY: Could Saquon make it into the Team of the Week group in Week 10.

There are certain options for the Team of Week 10 that we consider to be "locks" and one of these is the New York Giants Saquon Barkley.

The question is, will he end up as the Player of the Week for the Madden 23 TOTW?

Player of the Week 10 (Justin Jefferson)

Our pick for the Player of the Week is Justin Jefferson who was pivotal in his team's win over the Buffalo Bills in Week 10.

Putting up 10 receptions for 193 yards and a touchdown, Jefferson caught several key passes that changed the course of the game.

If there's anyone who deserves the Madden 23 TOTW Player of the Week position, it's Jefferson.

Offense: Saquon Barkley, CeeDee Lamb, Justin Fields

There are three players in our mind that deserve to be involved in the Team of the Week and it starts with Saquon Barkley. Barkley earned 152 yards on the ground and a touchdown in 35 carries.

CeeDee Lamb is another player that really shined on offense and should be in the new Madden 23 TOTW. He caught 11 passes for 150 yards and two touchdowns.

Madden 23 Ultimate Team
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LAMB GOES OFF: Hopefully, we'll get a new CeeDee Lamb card in MUT.

Our last choice for the Madden 23 TOTW is Justin Fields who really deserves to have his name in the Team of the Week.

Fields finished the game with 147 rushing yards and two touchdowns. Unfortunately, the Chicago Bears ended up still losing 31-30.

Defense: Patrick Peterson, Rudy Ford, Devin White

There are three defensive players that should make it into the Madden 23 Team of the Week and the first is Patrick Peterson.

Peterson had four tackles on the day but the real key is two pivotal interceptions, one of which sealed a win for the Vikings.

Rudy Ford is another player that could earn a Madden 23 TOTW card for his two-interception day.

Our last option for the defensive unit in Team of the Week is Devin White. White had nine tackles on the day with two sacks and a forced fumble.

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