Madden 23 Roster Update Week 13 ratings DIVE for Tom Brady

With the latest Madden 23 roster update now arriving, Week 13 of NFL action is once again sending ratings spinning.

We've got details on all the top names on the move in this Madden 23 roster update including some veterans that continue to slide.

Madden 23 Roster Update (Week 13)

After another tough week of NFL action, the league's top stars are on the move in the Madden 23 roster update.

Earlier this week, we first learned that Jalen Hurts would be on the way up thanks in part to one fan who called the Madden Ratings Hotline.

Madden 23 Roster Update Week 13 ratings
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TIME TO RISE: Jalen Hurts continues to lead the Eagles to soaring success

In another instance of fan interaction, the latest B/R Gridiron Fan Boost went to Taylor Heinecke who jumps to 69 OVR after beating out Joe Burrow and Jared Goff in fan voting.

Ahead of Thursday's clash between the Las Vegas Raiders and Los Angeles Rams, all of the Madden 23 ratings changes for Week 13 have now been revealed.

Nick Bosa - 97 OVR (+1)

Sometimes the best just keep getting better, and that's the case for San Francisco 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa.

Starting the year at just 94 OVR, Bosa has been creeping towards 99 Club members Aaron Donald and Myles Garrett for weeks.

Madden 23 Roster Update Week 13 ratings
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BE AFRAID: Nick Bosa continues to make it clear why offenses should fear him

After earlier boosts in Week 4 and Week 9, the latest Madden 23 Roster Update increased Awareness, Tackle, Power Moves, Finesse Moves, and Play Recognition to push him to a 97 OVR rating.

If he's able to continue playing at this level, Nick Bosa could easily place himself in the 99 Club before the year is over.

Tom Brady - 91 OVR (-2)

For others, it wasn't such a great week as Tom Brady continued to spiral despite a last-minute push to sneak a win out over New Orleans.

Tom Brady finished the game with just an 84.0 passer rating fueled by an interception and a meager 66% completion percentage.

Madden 23 Roster Update Week 13 ratings
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SLIP AND SLIDE: Brady has seen his ratings go downhill all season

These issues, and his struggles throughout the season, stood out enough to EA that his Awareness dropped 2 points and Deep Throw Accuracy dipped a full 5 points.

The move brings Brady to 91 OVR after starting the year at 97 OVR, but he narrowly remains among the top five quarterbacks in Madden 23.

Other Madden 23 Ratings Changes

Let's now take a look at the top 10 ratings changes happening in the Week 13 Madden 23 roster update:

Nick Bosa (RE)
97 OVR (+1)
San Francisco 49ers
T.J. Watt (LOLB)
96 OVR (-1)
Pittsburgh Steelers
Josh Jacobs (HB)
93 OVR (+1)
Las Vegas Raiders
A.J. Brown (WR)
92 OVR (+1)
Philadelphia Eagles
Dexter Lawrence II (DT)
92 OVR (+2)
New York Giants
Jaire Alexander (CB)
92 OVR (+1)
Green Bay Packers
Joe Burrow (QB)
92 OVR (+1)
Cincinnati Bengals
Justin Simmons (FS)
92 OVR (+1)
Denver Broncos
Amari Cooper (WR)
91 OVR (-1)
Cleveland Browns
Lamar Jackson (QB)
91 OVR (-1)
Baltimore Ravens

You can find the official Madden Ratings Database here for more details on all player ratings and individual attribute changes this season.

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