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Madden 23 Raiders Theme Team: Best Offensive & Defensive Players in MUT

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Madden 23 Ultimate Team brings another year where players want to outfit their Theme Team with top players from one specific franchise.

We've got details on the best players you need in order to build your Madden 23 Raiders Theme Team in MUT 23.

Building a Las Vegas Raiders Theme Team in Madden 23

While we're only a few weeks into the launch of Madden 23 with plenty more players and cards due to hit Ultimate Team in the coming months, you can start on your Theme Team now.

For Las Vegas Raiders fans, there's good news as the emphasis on Coach Madden this year brought some top-notch cards to MUT right out of the gate.

However, it's good to keep in mind that building a Theme Team in Madden 23 is a process that'll continue to be ongoing throughout the year.

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Madden 23 Raiders Theme Team
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With each new program and set of players released, the top options will shift, but getting an early foundation in place can help you keep a strong Raiders Theme Team long term.

Whether you're highlighting your favorite club or just looking for the best options with high Team Chemistry, we've got details on the top players you'll need for a Raiders Theme Team.

Best Raiders Players in MUT 23

While it won't be something he holds all year, as of now the best card in all of Madden 23 Ultimate Team is Raiders legend Dave Casper.

At a 91 OVR he's the best player available and the best tight end, and he's just one piece of these top options on offense and defense.

Also, while some of these players may initially look like they're for different teams, all of them have played for the Raiders and have Raiders Team Chemistry on their MUT 23 cards.

OFFENSE: Marcus Mariota, Michael Crabtree, Dave Casper

When it comes to getting your Raiders Theme Team on the board, there are three clear favorites that players need to work towards.

Marcus Mariota (87 OVR), released in the Campus Heroes program, is the top quarterback option right now in MUT 23.

On top of that, you'll want to snag TE Dave Casper (91 OVR) from the All Madden program and WR Michael Crabtree (90 OVR) from Campus Heroes to give Mariota some weapons to utilize.

DEFENSE: Warren Sapp, Lester Hayes, Derrick Johnson

As for locking things down on defense, DT Warren Sapp (89 OVR) from the All Madden promo is your best starting point.

MLB Derrick Johnson (90 OVR) also dropped in the Campus Heroes program as a Chiefs player, but he's got Raiders Team Chemistry.

Finally, CB Lester Hayes (89 OVR) is one of the Legends releases we've already got for the year and can anchor your secondary.

Other Ultimate Team Options

Fortunately, the Raiders Theme Team is a versatile one already as there are options with Raiders Team Chemistry at every primary position except LOLB.

However, Derrick Johnson and Cory Littleton both have cards with LOLB as a secondary position, so you've still got options there.

You'll also want to keep an eye out for quality players with all team chemistries, like Team Captains Larry Csonka who can often help fill gaps as you are unlocking cards.

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