Madden 23 August Title Update Offers No Franchise Mode Bug Fixes

It's been a strange day for Madden 23 players as the August Title Update rolled out bout without any Franchise Mode changes.

This move by EA had players slightly shocked as many expected a change or at least a few bug fixes would occur.

Let's take a look at what was changed and why Franchise Mode was left out.

Madden 23 August Title Update

The August Title Update for Madden 23 covered a few gameplay fixes but completely left out any Franchise Mode changes.

Perhaps even more strange is that Madden 23 Ultimate Team has been down since the update and players are unable to access the mode.

Madden 23 Update
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NO CHANGE: Franchise Mode was left out of the Madden 23 Title Update

The gameplay fixes that came with the Madden 23 Title Update should help but leaving out Franchise Mode could be a mistake.

Our thought is that EA is planning a much larger update for Franchise Mode that will be released later this month.

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Patch Notes for August Title Update

The patch notes reveal targeted fixes for this Madden 23 update which is another reason why we believe Franchise Mode was left out.

EA did fix some pass-blocking issues which have plagued players in recent weeks. It was also revealed that the end-game flow was improved.

The Gridiron Notes haven't been fully revealed yet but we expect a full breakdown very soon. The only question is whether EA will address Franchise Mode first.

Here are the patch notes so far:

  • Tuning to pass block locomotion for tackles to get deeper against edge pressure.
  • Improved end-game flow.
  • Tuning and stability fixes.

Keep an eye on the Madden 23 NFL Direct Twitter account for further updates.

Roster Update Predictions

There's a chance that since the Title Update was revealed that we could receive a roster update as well.

Preseason in the NFL has come to a close and there were a few players that stood out to us and could receive a Madden 23 update.

Madden 23 update
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BRING THE SAUCE: Ahmed "Sauce" Gardner definitely deserves a second look.

While some players, such as Sauce Gardner, deserve a Madden 23 ratings boost, others deserve to see a reduction.

One of these players is CB Bryce Hall, who has given up a catch each time he was been targeted (four) for 90 yards, and a touchdown.

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