Kyle Pitts & D'Andre Swift want you to call the Madden 23 Ratings Hotline for them

With the exciting launch of the Madden 23 Ratings Hotline, there are already NFL players raising questions about their own attributes.

Kyle Pitts, D'Andre Swift, and others have already taken to calling in and asking fans to also call the Madden 23 Ratings Hotline on their behalf.

Madden 23 Ratings Hotline has players asking fans for help

Just hours after the Madden 23 Ratings Hotline went live, it was inundated with calls from fans and players all looking to make their voices heard.

One EA representative even stated they got 1,000 calls just in the first six hours, and that number could've risen exponentially since that early window passed.

Madden 23 Ratings Hotline
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DISRESPECT: Kyle Pitts was one of many to call out EA for his ratings

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While some players will be making a case directly to the Madden Ratings Adjusters to get their Madden 23 Ratings changed, others have already started asking fans to call in for them.

Just in the last day, five different NFL players have asked fans to call the Madden 23 Ratings Hotline and fight for them.

Kyle Pitts (TE) - 87 OVR - Atlanta Falcons

The first to pipe up following the hotline going live was young tight end Kyle Pitts of the Atlanta Falcons.

Pitts particularly called out his ratings in Run Block and Pass Block needing to be higher and said he'd be working on those this year.

D'Andre Swift (HB) - 80 OVR - Detroit Lions

The next to speak out was D'Andre Swift of the Atlanta Falcons, particularly noting his Strength Rating was 68 both in Madden 22 and Madden 23.

Swift emphasized he's been in the gym all offseason and called out the film from last season, asking fans to request they raise his Strength.

Odafe Oweh (ROLB) - 78 OVR - Baltimore Ravens

Next up, Odafe Oweh called out his 89 Speed Rating which remained identical in Madden 22 and Madden 23.

Oweh argued he's the fastest edge rusher in the league, but fans may need to help him make EA understand that reality.

Isaiah Simmons (MLB) - 78 OVR - Arizona Cardinals

Another player argued the Madden Ratings Adjusters got a bit confused, as Isaiah Simmons said his 78 in Strength might be backwards and too low.

His tweet also called to attention that he managed 33 Reps at the NFL Combine, something we've seen influence ratings in the past.

Jaycee Horn (CB) - 75 OVR - Carolina Panthers

The last player we've seen ask fans to call for them so far is cornerback Jaycee Horn of the Carolina Panthers, and his gripe started with his Catch rating of 72.

Horn was with friends who also called out Man Coverage, and he's hoping fans will help make the case to get him a ratings boost in both categories.

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