Madden 23 November Title Update fixes key Franchise Mode & FOTF bugs

It's good to see that more Madden 23 fixes are on the way after the latest Title Update for November.

We've taken a look at some of the Ultimate Team changes but now we're going to go over the Franchise Mode and Face of the Franchise updates.

Madden 23 November Title Update

The Madden 23 November Title Update delivered several fixes to a few of the significant bugs in the game over the last few months.

The update deployed on November 17, 2022, and at the moment has satisfied players in several game modes including Ultimate Team.

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MUT UPDATES: Check out some of the latest updates to MUT.

Frankly, it was past time for Madden 23 to update Ultimate Team but what we're talking about today is the Franchise Mode and Face of the Franchise updates.

Let's get started with one of the most important fixes, Franchise Mode.

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Face of the Franchise Updates

Face of the Franchise experienced some serious bugs over the last few months and they're finally being addressed today.

From simple things like difficulty settings not working right to teams not prioritizing needs. All of these Madden 23 bugs were addressed.

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FRANCHISE FIXES: A few fixes should make Franchise Mode operate more smoothly.

We're hoping to see more Madden 23 Franchise Mode updates in the future but for now, these are the November Title Update changes:

DEV NOTE: The team was able to fix multiple high priority issues via server side fixes since the last Title Update. There is also an attempted fix going live today for the draft revert bug. The Draft Revert Fix is a server side fix, and while it is deploying at a similar time to TU4, it is not part of the TU4 fix specifically.

  • Fixed an issue where difficulty settings were carrying over from the front end and changing within leagues
  • Fixed an issue in the league history screen where the Commanders were appearing as Washington Football Team
  • Fixed an issue where some teams were not prioritizing the right archetypes at QB
  • Fixed an issue where some players with abilities were not appearing in the X-Factor database
  • Fixed an issue where the season goal was displaying in the post-game goals screen after preseason games
  • General Stability Improvements

One suggestion we have to players is that they continue to send in feedback to Madden 23 regarding any bugs Franchise Mode is having.

Face of the Franchise Mode Update

The Face of the Franchise Mode also received a few adjustments during the latest Madden 23 Ultimate Team ratings.

A few changes should help the game mode run a bit better or at least until another Title Update rolls out.

Here is the Face of the Franchise changes:

  • Fixed an issue causing the Cowboys practice uniforms to be the same for both offense and defense when playing practice drills
  • Fixed an issue causing players on the sideline to appear non-palletized inside of practice drills for the Cowboys, Jaguars and Falcons
  • Fixed an issue sometimes causing the Drive Goal banner and the Goal Total banner to overlap
  • Fixed an issue causing Legacy Goals to repeat in the rewards flow when completing a game
  • General Stability improvements
    • DEV NOTE: There have been reports of some players not being able to advance to a second season inside of Face of the Franchise. In our 2nd title update in early October, we fixed an issue with the second contract signing that could prevent players from successfully signing the contract and therefore, being stuck unable to advance to season 2. This fix allows players to sign their second contract and advance to season 2 if they were blocked from advancing prior to the October update.

The next large title update for Madden 23 won't likely happen until December. Once it releases, we'll break down everything that is changing.

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