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Madden 23 Update 1.07 Patch Notes reveal MAJOR Franchise bug fixes (November 17)

Madden 23 Update 1.07 Patch Notes have arrived along with details for an additional Franchise Mode fix being deployed.

We've got everything you need to know about Madden 23 Title Update 4, an extra server side update, and official patch notes for the November Title Update.

Madden 23 Title Update 4 and Franchise Draft Revert fix

Franchise Mode has been plagued with issues since the launch of Madden 23, but some relief is finally on the way as the November Title Update will soon deploy.

Madden 23 Update 1.07, likely to be dubbed Update 1.007 on PS5, is set to deploy the afternoon of November 17, 2022, but exact timing and download size are not yet known.

Madden 23 Update 1.07 Patch Notes November Title Update
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We have also learned that, in addition to Madden 23 Title Update 4, a server side bug fix for the ongoing Franchise Mode "Draft Revert" issue is going live.

This is just one of several Franchise Mode bugs that has been affecting players since the title arrived, and we've learned of even more fixes via the official Gridiron Notes.

Madden 23 Update 1.07 Patch Notes (November 17)

This is the first major Title Update since the October Title Update landed just one month ago, and it's making several changes to Madden 23.

While bug fixes will understandably draw a lot of attention, there are also some major authenticity updates and playbook changes in Madden 23 Update 1.07.

Without further ado, here are the official Madden 23 Update 1.07 Patch Notes:

Gameplay Updates:

  • Added Jaylen Waddle signature celebration, which can be used by Waddle and teammates via the Team Celebration selection after a TD
  • Fixed an issue allowing players to exploit defenders by using pump fake and throw-away at the same time, leading to zone coverage defenders ignoring the QB scrambling past the line of scrimmage
  • Fixed an issue causing Running Back streak hot-routes to run straight through the line instead of stemming to the outside first
  • Fixed an issue preventing QB throw styles from updating correctly in Ultimate Team
  • Fixed an issue with Mac Jones’ passing animation trajectory
  • Fixed an issue preventing man coverage from covering a tight end wheel route on RPO plays, such as Gun Deuce Close RPO Read Flat Wheel
  • Fixed an issue allowing a receiver to be uncovered by sending him in motion on Gun Deuce Close RPO Read Flat Wheel
  • Fixed an issue preventing man coverage from covering a tight end when the offense would audible out of the play Wing Slot PA Double Dig
  • Fixed an issue preventing play-art from updating appropriately to reflect adjustments made to blocking in pre-play; players will not have to reset the formation anymore to view the blocking adjustments.
  • Fixed an issue causing the ball to stick to the player’s hand during the ‘Fireman’s Carry’ TD celebration
  • Fixed an issue causing issues with the football during some first-down celebrations, such as the ball stuck to a player’s wrist, or not holding the ball on celebrations requiring the ball
  • Fixed an issue in the Kick Blocking tutorial inside Skills Trainer causing the kick arrow to display incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue causing receivers to sometimes run whip routes in the wrong direction after getting pressed.
  • Fixed a rare issue that could result in the offense getting the ball back incorrectly when a penalty would be called on the offense and accepted, after a turnover on a 2-point conversion attempt
  • Fixed an issue with a specific swat animation that allowed it to trigger from too far away, causing warping
  • Fixed an issue allowing deep third and deep quarter zone defenders break too quickly vs. comeback routes
  • Fixed a typo in the play name of Inside Zone in the LA Rams offensive playbook

NFL Live Playbook Update:

  • Added I Form Close Flex to Bears and Steelers
  • Added I Form Pro and Slot Close to Broncos
  • Added Strong Slot to Buccaneers
  • Added I Form Slot Close to Chargers
  • Added Pistol Strong, Wing, Wing Slot, Tight Slots, Y-Off Trips, Full House to Falcons
  • Added Wildcats to Giants
  • Added I Form Close to Rams
  • Added I Form Slot, Pistol Y-Trips, Gun Heavy Saint to Saints
  • Added Pistol Full House to Seahawks
  • Added Singleback Wing Tight Z, Doubles Off close, Y-Trips; I Form Pro, Slot; Strong Z Close to Texans
  • Added I Form Close and Slot Close to Vikings

Franchise Updates:

DEV NOTE: The team was able to fix multiple high priority issues via server side fixes since the last Title Update. There is also an attempted fix going live today for the draft revert bug. The Draft Revert Fix is a server side fix, and while it is deploying at a similar time to TU4, it is not part of the TU4 fix specifically.

  • Fixed an issue where difficulty settings were carrying over from the front end and changing within leagues
  • Fixed an issue in the league history screen where the Commanders were appearing as Washington Football Team
  • Fixed an issue where some teams were not prioritizing the right archetypes at QB
  • Fixed an issue where some players with abilities were not appearing in the X-Factor database
  • Fixed an issue where the season goal was displaying in the post-game goals screen after preseason games
  • General Stability Improvements

Face of the Franchise Updates:

  • Fixed an issue causing the Cowboys practice uniforms to be the same for both offense and defense when playing practice drills
  • Fixed an issue causing players on the sideline to appear non-palletized inside of practice drills for the Cowboys, Jaguars and Falcons
  • Fixed an issue sometimes causing the Drive Goal banner and the Goal Total banner to overlap
  • Fixed an issue causing Legacy Goals to repeat in the rewards flow when completing a game
  • General Stability improvements
    • DEV NOTE: There have been reports of some players not being able to advance to a second season inside of Face of the Franchise. In our 2nd title update in early October, we fixed an issue with the second contract signing that could prevent players from successfully signing the contract and therefore, being stuck unable to advance to season 2. This fix allows players to sign their second contract and advance to season 2 if they were blocked from advancing prior to the October update.

Madden Ultimate Team Updates:

  • Various stability updates
  • Fixed an issue with filters on Halftime screen
  • Fixed an issue with custom currency display
  • Several issues with 4k display have been fixed
  • Fixed a tab issue in New Items flow on PC

The Yard Updates:

DEV NOTE: We are excited to bring to you Nickelodeon’s Fantasy Football Movie Players Bobby Coleman and Anderson Fisher exclusive to the game! These players will be available in the Superstar KO Draft and showcased during a featured live event in The Yard!

  • Fixed an issue with hair in H2H Ranked menus
  • General Stability Improvements
  • Fixed Avatar inconsistencies in menu

Superstar KO Updates:

  • General Stability Improvements

NFL Authenticity Updates:

  • Fixed an issue with gloves and cleats not working properly
  • Fixed the spats on some Adidas cleats
  • Updated Bengals to new stadium Branding
  • Fixed an issue with the logo on Alpha Menace 3 Cleats
  • Fixed multiple players neck clipping issues
  • Fixed Visor Placement and Visor clips on new Vicis helmets
  • New Cleats and gloves added:
    • Nike Super Bad 6.0
    • Nike Vapor Jet 7.0
    • Jordan Vapor Jet 7.0
    • Jordan Super Bad 6.0
    • Jordan 7 Mid
  • Added the following likeness updates:
    • Tress Way - P - Commanders
    • Bradley Pinion - P - Falcons
    • Nick Bolton - MLB - Chiefs
    • Alexander Mattison - RB - Vikings
    • Eric Stokes - CB - Packers
    • Dalton Risner - G - Broncos
    • Chris Lindstrom - G - Falcons
    • Jack Fox - P - Lions
    • Odafe Oweh - OLB - Ravens
    • Justin Britt - C - Texans
    • Creed Humphrey - C - Chiefs
    • Trey Smith - G - Chiefs
    • A.J. Cann - G - Texans
    • Maliek Collins - DT - Texans
  • Updated the following teams field art:
    • Broncos
    • Titans
    • Rams
    • Eagles
    • Colts

Presentation and UI Updates:

  • Fixed an issue where the Press Start video was missing a shot of Coach Madden from Madden 94
  • Fixed issues with specific camera angles on kick returns and punt returns in Munich stadium
  • Fixed issues with unnatural lip movement and eye movement in specific sideline shots
  • Added exterior stadium shot for the Steelers’ Acrisure Stadium
  • Various stability updates
  • Fixed issue where Belly Size slider in Create a Player was reversed
  • Fixed issue in gameplay where player-triggered celebration caused Quick Chat wheel to appear and get stuck on screen

Avatar Updates:

  • Tuning to increase REP rewards for defensive actions and achievements, including tackles, tackles for loss, assisted tackles, sacks, interceptions, touchdowns and safeties.
    • DEV NOTE: Through gameplay data, we are seeing that it's more difficult to compile defensive stats than offensive stats so we are increasing the amount of rewards given so that the difficulty is paid off more appropriately.

We've also got some big arrivals in Ultimate Team today as the Harvest 2 release is set to bring several new players to MUT 23.

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