Madden 23 Download Size & How to Preload

With launch just around the corner, the Madden 23 Download Size has begun to be revealed, and players are itching to get in on the action.

We've got details on the file size for Madden 23 and how you can preload before the release date to be ready for it to arrive.

Madden 23 Download Size

We're still a few days away from Madden 23 being downloadable on all platforms, but the approximate size has already been revealed.

Madden 23 is downloadable now on Xbox, and we've been able to confirm the initial file size for Xbox Series X|S is just 46.14 GB this year.

That's down a fairly significant amount from the 61 GB download size we saw with Madden 22, but it can also vary across platforms.

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Madden 23 Early Access
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TICK TOCK: The clock is ticking as the Madden 23 launch closes in

We've not yet been able to confirm download size on PlayStation or PC, but the Steam Store listing does suggest at least 50 GB of available space as a system requirement.

We know that some aspects of the game like Ultimate Team have been streamlined this year along with the removal of several plays to simplify playbooks, each of which could've contributed to the lessened download size.

There's also still the possibility that the Day One Patch delivered around launch time could increase that currently existing 46.14 GB download.

How to preload Madden 23

If you're looking to get in on the action the moment Madden 23 unlocks, then you'll definitely want it downloaded and installed ahead of time.

The ability to preload Madden 23 is easiest for Xbox players, and we can confirm the process is already available even if you haven't placed a pre order.

Xbox players should ensure they've set their console to allow the Xbox mobile app to initiate downloads, and the search for Madden 23 within the app and hit "Download to Console" as seen below.

Madden 23 preload pre download
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DOWNLOAD NOW: Xbox players can get ahead of the game right now

It's best to clear space beforehand, as trying to initiate the download when there isn't enough room can delay the process.

Unfortunately, the Steam and PlayStation Store have not yet confirmed a preload time for Madden 23.

However, we expect those will go live either Sunday or Monday ahead of the Early Access and EA Play Trial launches on Tuesday, August 16, 2022.

The game currently has a Midnight ET unlock time according to the PlayStation Store, which for clarity would be Monday, August 15, 2022 at 11pm CT if you're not waiting for the worldwide launch.

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