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Madden 23 Roster Update: Player Ratings Predictions After Preseason

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There were some impressive performances through preseason in the NFL which could prompt a Madden 23 roster update.

The question is, which players will be lucky enough to get a boost? A few rookies made our list to get bumped up while others will go down.

Let's make a few predictions as to who will move up and down in Madden 23.

Madden 23 Roster Update Prediction

In the first part of the NFL season, there's usually a large Madden 23 roster update to improve or reduce player ratings.

However, this preseason might pose an opportunity for EA to do a quick update for some of the top-performing players.

Madden 23 roster update
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WHO MOVES UP: Which players will receive an increased Madden 23 ratings

This also could be a chance for EA to reduce the ratings of players that performed poorly and there are quite a few of them.

Before we go over who's going down, let's take a look at who we think will go up after a Madden 23 roster update.

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Who's going up in Madden 23? (Predictions)

As the preseason came to a close, a few players stuck out to us as deserving of a Madden 23 roster update, one of them is CB Ahmad "Sauce" Gardner.

Gardner played several snaps in the preseason without being targeted due to his lockdown coverage. His defensive ability could easily net him a ratings boost.

Madden 23 roster update
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LOCKED DOWN: Sauce Gardner has shown he's exactly what the Jets need

Along with Gardners is Geno Smith, who is definitely showing himself to be the starting quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks. Smith has a PFF grade of 90.6, the third-best in the entire league over the course of the preseason.

Here are their current ratings:

  • Ahmad "Sauce" Gardner - 78 OVR
  • Geno Smith - 64 OVR

After a Madden 23 roster update, we could see Gardner get bumped to a 79 OVR while Smith receives a notable increase to 67 OVR.

Who's Going Down in Madden 23? (Predictions)

Now, as certain players go up others will go down. The Madden 23 roster update will also decrease player ratings for those that don't perform well.

There are a few players in this category, one of them being Drew Lock of the Seattle Seahawks, who was sacked on 40% of the snaps he felt pressure on.

Madden 23 roster update
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IT'S GOING DOWN: Which players need to get their acts together?

Another player that we think will see a reduction to his rating after the Madden 23 roster update is Bryce Hall, a cornerback for the New York Jets.

Hall gave up a catch each time he was been targeted (four) for 90 yards, and a touchdown. Targeting hall has generated a perfect 158.3 passer rating for opposing quarterbacks.

Here are Hall's and Lock's current Madden 23 player ratings:

  • Bryce Hall - 79 OVR
  • Drew Lock - 66 OVR

By the time the update is finished, we could see Hall fall to a 76 OVR while Lock falls to 65 OVR.

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