Madden 23 AKA Promo: Release Date Schedule, All Players & MUT 23 Program Details

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We're continuing to receive more Ultimate Team cards as the Madden 23 AKA Promo has been revealed and the first cards of the set are here.

Not only are these MUT cards impressive, but they also allow you the chance to see nicknames or aliases on the back of the jerseys.

Let's take a look at the release schedule and the cards released so far.

Madden 23 AKA Release Schedule

The first release of the Madden 23 AKA set was on Monday, September 19, and features a ton of new cards, all with nicknames on the back.

For instance, Ryan Fitzpatrick has "Fitzmagic" on his 90 OVR card and on the back of his in-game jersey. Each of the MUT 23 AKA 90 OVR cards has this.

Madden 23 AKA Ultimate Team
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CONTENT SCHEDULE: Here are the upcoming releases for Madden 23

The Madden 23 AKA release schedule is set for September 21, 2022, when more cards will be added to the Ultimate Team platform.

The good news is there has already been a few cards that have been released, which we'll detail for you below.

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AKA MUT 23 Cards Revealed (so far)

As we continue through the first season of Ultimate Team, the Madden 23 AKA set is one that we hope sticks around for a while.

The top cards in the set are 90 OVR with counterparts that are 82 OVR and 87 OVR but only the 87 OVR and 90 OVR cards have nicknames on the back.

Madden 23 AKA
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LYNCH MODE: Take the gridiron with one of the best in the game

So far, six Madden 23 AKA players have been revealed with more expected to be added by the end of the week in Ultimate Team.

Here are the cards that were revealed so far:

  • R.Lane "Night Train" - 90 OVR - CB
  • Reggie White "Minister of Defense" - 90 OVR - LE
  • Ryan "Fitzmagic" - 90 OVR - QB
  • Mike Ditka "Iron Mike" - 90 OVR - TE
  • Marshawn Lynch "Beast Mode" - 90 OVR - HB
  • Kam Chancellor "Bam Bam Kam" - 90 OVR - SS

When more are added to the MUT 23 platform, we'll keep you updated here.

AKA Program Details in Madden 23

There are a few missions that you can complete for the Madden 23 AKA set including the Earn An AKA Player mission.

There are seven total goals for you to complete and six of them are designed around the AKA players that will be added each week until November 28.

Madden 23 AKA Ultimate Team
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MUT AKA PROGRAM: Complete Missions and Sets to upgrade AKA cards.

The first of the Madden 23 AKA Missions will have you collecting AKA Tokens by beating challenges each week. You can use 26 Tokens to complete a BND AKA Fantasy Pack Set and earn a choice of any AKA player.

Another challenge will show you how you can earn special editions of each AKA player available. These missions will help you upgrade and max out your cards.

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