Madden 22: How to redeem the Cooper Kupp Super Bowl MVP Item in MUT 22

If you're trying to build the best Madden 22 lineup, you'll need the best receiver there is in all of MUT 22 on your side. C

Currently, the best card in the MUT Marketplace is the Super Bowl MVP Cooper Kupp card. A card that's a 99 OVR with a ton of abilities at wide receiver.

Let's go over how you can add him to your Madden 22 Ultimate Team.

Cooper Kupp Super Bowl MVP in Madden 22

Getting the 99 OVR Cooper Kupp card isn't complicated, but there are some steps you'll have to take in order for it to get added to your Madden 22 Ultimate Team.

You'll first need to earn a few of the Super Bowl Past & Present items. If you aren't sure how to get those, or what they are, follow this link.

Madden 22 Cooper Kupp MVP item
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NEW MVP ITEM: Cooper Kupp lands the 99 OVR MUT 22 Item

There are multiple reasons to have Cooper Kupp in your Madden 22 lineup, where you put him on the depth chart is important as well. This is especially true since he's not a very tall wide receiver and works perfectly in the slot position.

This card is going for over 700K at the Auction House, and there's a much easier way to get it which we'll detail in a moment.

How to redeem the 99 OVR Cooper Kupp

Once you've added a few of the Super Bowl Past and Presents cards to your Madden 22 lineup, you can redeem them for the Super Bowl MVP Cooper Kupp.

Be sure you don't get rid of the cards that are bolstering your lineup, but if you have the Tee Higgins 95 OVR and another card you don't need it's a good idea to switch it out for Cooper Kupp.

Madden 22 Cooper Kupp
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SUPERSTAR RECEIVER: Add the Deep Threat Ja'Marr Chase with Cooper Kupp

All you need to do is go to the sets page and trade two Super Bowl Past or Present cards for the 99 OVR Cooper Kupp. Once you do that he'll be added to your Madden 22 Ultimate Team roster.

From there, you can start thinking of wide receivers to pair him with, we suggest the NFL Honors Ja'Marr Chase.

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